Dover Beach
Leslie Thomas
307 pages
It is about life in a town in war-time Britain called Dover during World War 2. It shows how the people coped with the food restrictions, the death of loved ones, and constant bombing from the Germans.

Recommend?: I would recommend this book to mainly girls because I think it will be what girls like: the lives/relationships of other people. I thought this book was about the action of war, instead of the effects of war, which is what this book is about.

Favourite Character: : This book is about the lives of many people so there wasn’t exactly a main character. But this was based on kind of true events so there are some things to learn from it. I’ve learnt that both the English and the German army forces showed very good sportmanship through the war.

Favourite Scene: : My favourite scene was when the commandos stormed the beaches of France to destroy the coastal guns. I liked it because it was one of the few action-packed scenes in the book though I was slightly disappointed because of the lack of detail and action.

Score: 3 stars
~ gazza