A stack of new comics have arrived and are available to you all. We have:

  • Bad Company vol. 1 – by Peter Milligan, and originally published in 2000AD – which usually means it’s a pretty grim futuristic tale of war, and this is certainly all those things.
  • Spider-Man and the Black Cat : The Evil That Men Do – another team-up comic, this one is written by Kevin Smith, director of films and writer of comics.
  • Heroes For Hire : Civil War – fills in some of the plot from the (somewhat) epic Civil War event that shook up the Marvel universe.
  • Avengers : The Initiative – the Civil War has been and gone, and the US Government is creating its own superhuman force called The Initiative. Here they are, having adventures and fighting the Hulk.
  • X-Men : Supernovas – This is advertised as a good starting point for anyone wanting to get into X-Men comics. It’s a very good read – I recommend it!

There’s a lot more, inside …