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SUBTXT Review : Thirteen

15.04.08 | Comment?

SUBTXT 2008 will begin in July! More information will be released on this ‘ere Teen Blog closer to the starting date.  

The Mediator : Mean Spirits
Meg Cabot
218 pages
It is about ghosts and revenge. It highlights how far some people are willing to go to get revenge.

Recommend?: It is a very enjoyable read and I became addicted to this series simply because they have a very interesting and creative topic which is fun to read about (even if it is completely untrue).

Favourite Character: : My favourite character is Suze because she isn’t your everyday hero and risks everything to help others. That is what makes the book so good. I am not saying she is a good role-model but I think that she is very interesting to read about.

Favourite Scene: : My favourite scene is when the four students who were killed in the ‘accident’ are talking to Suze, Father Dominic and Jesse and tell them the truth about their accident. I like this scene because it took me by surprise when the high school students explained the truth. I had no idea that that was how it happened. I like being surprised so that is why I liked that scene.

Score: 4 stars
~ hokeypokey

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