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The twelth SUBTXT review

07.04.08 | Comment?

Does My Head Look Big in This?
Randa Abdel-Fattah
340 pages
It’s about a girl called Amal. She is an Australian-Pakistani-Muslim and the story is basically about her life at school and at home. She goes through various problems which are some of the best bits.

Recommend?: It is a gripping read. It is a great read for girls aged between 13-17. If you’re more into fantasy this most probably isn’t for you but give it a go anyway.

Favourite Character: : My faVourite character is Leila because she is gutsy. If it wasn’t for her half of this book would be a snore.

Favourite Scene: : My favourite part is when Amal, Simone and Eileen are at Adams’ party. I like this bit the best because it shows how much Amal believes in her culture and that amazes me.

Score: 4 stars
~ jenzy321

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