Music guru Jack has compiled a list of his five favourite music websites. Perfect for a rainy weekend!

  1. – This site is huge and does pretty much what its name would suggest. It covers all music from nu-rave to classical, hip hop to country. You can search by artist, album or song title and find bios, reviews, audio and more. Each artists page has links to artists that influenced them, similar artists, their genre(s),and more. It’s a great place to stop by to check out reviews and find out about older bands/performers. There are even blogs and newly released albums on the front page to keep you totally up to date. The most comprehensive music site on the internet.
  2. – Do you love a particular band and wish you could find more in a similar vein, but find it difficult? Try lastfm. I only came across this one recently, but it’s been a great find. Type in an artists name and you get streaming audio of them and similar artists along with bios. It’s a great way to discover new bands you haven’t heard before and try them out, along with reading the user reviews. This site also works as a great customisable online radio station, type in something you like and away it goes providing great background noise for parties, studying etc.
  3. – Want something a little more under the radar, a little more obscure and underground? Then it’s on pitchforkmedia. Easily the most music-snobbish site on the list, you can learn what’s hip right now and then make fun of your friends for being behind the times when they discover it 6 months later. They won’t like you anymore, but you’ll feel a sense of superiority. Or you can just enjoy the comprehensive review section and keep up to date with the lastest news in the alternative scene along with links to video and audio.
  4. – With ilike you can buy and download new mp3s the legal way. Yay! And you can get exclusive free tracks too as a bonus. A lot of bands signed up with ilike will send you notifications of upcoming release dates and tours and you can also get these via your facebook profile. ilike will also see what bands you’re into and offer you suggestions of what else you could try out. Also on the site is the ilike music quiz which surely must be the most enjoyable time waster ever invented for music lovers.
  5. – This sort of works like a wikipedia for New Zealand music that you can use to get all the latest news and check out what’s happening in your local area. There are also forums to chat to/argue with other music fans around the country. A good site to keep in mind with New Zealand Music Month just around the corner.