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February 2008

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    Another Absolutely Awesome Event

    14.02.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Another Absolutely Awesome Event

    Saturday February 16 is going to be a double-whammy day with two amazing, free events.  After checking out the Absolutely Positively Pasefika Festival, why not rock on down to Waitangi Park?  There the best local and international skating talent will compete for US $10,000 in the World Cup sanctioned Bowl-A-Rama.    This is your opportunity to see star skaters including Rune Gilfberg, Omar Hassen and Lance Mountain.   Check out Scoop for further details. 

  • Edna Welthorpe, Happenings

    Absolutely Positively Pacifika

    13.02.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Absolutely Positively Pacifika

    Absolutely Positively Pacifika is this Saturday, the 16th, at Frank Kitts park from 10am. There will be a monster line-up representing the Pacific nation MCed by Tofinga with drumming workshops, a video van, some of our fantastic youth agencies (including PTI, Evolve, Global Education Centre, The Next), face painting and tattooing, ZEALs GYRO and (follwing the awesome response on Waitangi Day) Sara and the Top Shelf crew will be painting a new piece of art on the day for Save the Children New Zealand.

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    Top 10: Dystopia

    12.02.08 | Permalink | 6 Comments

    “Dystopian” is the opposite of Utopian, a description derived from Utopia by St Thomas More (he was just a Sir when he wrote it), a book about an island society where everything’s perfect. So if Utopian is perfect or ideal, then dystopian is…

    Dystopian themes show up heaps in fiction. We love dystopian novels, since they serve a double purpose: warning about how bad things could get and celebrating the fact that they aren’t… yet. Here are some classic and recent dystopian novels, after the jump: Read more…

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    The Terror From the Deep

    11.02.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on The Terror From the Deep

    The population of the world’s deadliest creature – the box jellyfish – is increasing. These are very different to the jellyfish we find washed up on the beach; these things have four brains, 24 eyes, and 8 foot long tentacles of death. And they swim around in massive packs. Packs of death.

    If you like the idea of oceanic horrors, you may like the classic stories of H. P. Lovecraft, whose Cthulhu tales have been influencing popular culture for decades (Hellboy, for example, or maybe Cloverfield). They were written in the early part of last century but still frighten.

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    SUBTXT Review Nama Ono

    11.02.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on SUBTXT Review Nama Ono

    Frozen Rodeo
    Catherine Clark
    287 pages

    Theme: A girl dealing with average problems in a small town over the summer. She makes new friends, has crashed cars and now is working at a job that she hates to pay her parents back for said cars.

    Recommend?: You really start like the character and the character’s friends. While you read it you are the character. The situations aren’t too far-fetched to be unreal so a normal teen can identify. Read more…

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    Banned Books

    04.02.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Banned Books

    This year the Wellington branch of the New Zealand Society of Authors (NZSA/PEN) is joining forces with Wellington City Libraries to devote a week (25th to the 29th of February) to banned children’s books.

    What’s on offer?

    • Banned books on display at Johnsonville, Karori, Newtown, Kilbirnie and Central Libraries
    • Class visit discussions about book banning
    • Guest readings of banned books to children after school
    • Celebrity debate: “Not enough children’s books are banned in New Zealand”*

    *Monday 25 February, 7.30pm – 9.00pm at the Wellington Arts Centre, 61 Abel Smith Street. Gold coin entry.
    For: Rt Hon Rodney Hide, Tony Simpson, Janice Marriott
    Against: Rt Hon Judith Tizard, Bernard Beckett, Aimee McNaughton
    Adjudicators: members of Wellington College and Sacred Heart College debating teams.

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    SUBTXT Review Nummer Fünf

    04.02.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on SUBTXT Review Nummer Fünf

    Son of the Mob
    Gordon Korman
    262 pages

    Theme: Vince Luca’s dad is the equivalent of the leader of the Mafia. Vince lives in a house where every conversation is heard by the FBI, just waiting to catch his father playing dirty. Vince’s life is very complicated. He finally realises how bad it is when his date with a potential girlfriend is cut short when he finds a body in the trunk of his car.

    Then his family life becomes really strained when Vince starts dating the daughter of an FBI agent, one of the agents that is permanently trying to get Vince’s dad locked away. Vince juggles both families very carefully, but things become tough when he finds out that there is an undercover FBI agent in his dad’s business. Read more…

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    Comics – Kiwi style!

    01.02.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Comics – Kiwi style!

    Kiwi comics is your portal to the New Zealand comic scene.   This wiki-style site allows you to keep in contact with creators and comic dealers around the country, find out about comic cons and other events, plus much, much more! 

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    Summertime in the city

    01.02.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Summertime in the city

    Wow!  After 5 weeks in cold Canada it’s crazy to be back under blue skies in summer heat.  If you’re like me, and you’ve exhausted your budget for fun stuff, you may be able to find some free or cheap entertainment by checking out the Meridian Energy Summer City programme (available online or in hard copy from your local library). 

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