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    11.01.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Shameless!

    Shameless is a Canadian magazine for young women. It offers a ‘fresh alternative to typical teen magazines, for girls who know there’s more to life than makeup and diet tips.’ It’s unavailable here, but luckily they have an excellent blog. And in the latest issue there is an article about the two New Zealander girls who took on a corporate giant and won – at the age of 14!

  • Caro, Environment

    Eco News

    10.01.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Eco News

    Eco News is a new page for teens, all about the environment, sustainability, and relevant information and material held in the library. Check it out, and keep an eye out for updates!

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    Latest CDs

    10.01.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Latest CDs

    Young Adult CDs are free to borrow on a Young Adult card; if they’re popular and never on the shelf, you can reserve them, also for free. We have hundreds of YA CDs to choose from, and new ones come in all the time. The most recent CDs are listed below, after the jump …

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    Cute things (b^_^)b

    08.01.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Cute things (b^_^)b

    The Cute Book, by Aranzi Aronzo, is full of very cool – and very cute – felt critters and instructions on how to make them. So cute! You are never to old to enjoy cute things.

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  • Classic novels, Prudence, Subtext

    SUBTXT review #1

    08.01.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on SUBTXT review #1

    Each week we will publish one of the reviews from last year’s SUBTXT reading programme. We received many, many excellent reviews – so many that we can post one weekly for several years to come!

     Sense and SensibilitySense And Sensibility
    Jane Austen
    373 pages

    Theme: It’s basically a classic, old version of what they call ‘chick lit’, so it’s based around romance and scandal. The story starts when the Dashwood family are left wothout money when Mr. Dashwood, their husband and father, dies and leaves the entire family estate to his son from his first marriage who, influenced by his wife, takes basically all of it for himself. The Dashwood family move to a cottage on another relative’s property …  Read more…

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