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SUBTXT Review IV: A New Hope

29.01.08 | Comment?

The Bell Jar
Sylvia Plath
257 pages

Theme: Self-discovery, womanhood, and depression.
Recommend?: It is an honest glimpse into the world of the main character and is strangely contemporary for a novel set in 1953. You also get a glimpse of Sylvia’s mindstate at the time because the novel is semi-autobiographical.
Favourite Character: My favourite character was Esther Greenwood because I like how she faces everything head on and through her I saw the themes of the novel easily. I liked how she didn’t conform to some people’s expectations of her.
Favourite Scene: My favourite scene was Esther’s willingness to almost stay with Constantin. I liked this scene because it showed how desperate Esther was to be loved and to avenge the pain that Buddy Willard had caused her. It also shows how much of a gentleman Constantin was.
Score: 5 stars
~ stevienicksfan

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