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23.01.08 | Comment?

Holder of Lightning
S. L Farrell
494 pages

Theme: Holder of Lightning is not only about power and all that, but it is also a bit about romance. Jenna Aoire was a very poor teenager who lived with her mother and was only seventeen when she found the powerful stone that was known by a lot of people in the land called Lamh Shabhala.

When the mage lights first appeared again in Ballintubber, it attracted some strangers from other parts of Talamh an Ghlas into Jenna’s home who believed that it was the great stone Lamh Shabhala. Hoping to escape for her mother’s and the village’s safety because of these new strangers, Jenna decided to leave her home and follow tiarna Mac Ard to his home for protection because she has the great stone. Now, Jenna not only must fight keep herself alive, but also bear the very painful burden of Lamh Shabhala.
Recommend?: I would recommend it to others because it is a fantastic book. It is full of adventure and mystery. Try it and you won’t regret it.
Favourite Character: My favourite character in this book would be Jenna Aoire. Jenna was only seventeen when she found Lamh Shabhala. She was so young and I can barely believe she can survive the stone’s power. Jenna held Lamh Shabhala longer than any other holder of the great stone before her. Also, she was one of the holders who used almost all of its power for good only.

I think it kind of tells us that just because you are small or young does not mean you can’t handle big work or responsibility.

Don’t think that what you do does not affect anything because it does.
Favourite Scene: One of my favourite scenes was the part where Jenna returned Padraic’s body back to her mother. Even though he was an enemy to her and to Inishfeirm and Inish Thuaidh, she still felt the love for him and for her mother. She still felt really bad because of what she did to him even though of what happed to her lover.
This shows a person with a real true and loving big heart.
Score: 4 stars
~ Rebound

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