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SUBTXT Review #2

14.01.08 | Comment?

Jacky DayDream
Jacqueline Wilson
344 pages

Theme: The subject is Jacqueline’s childhood. This is a great book and even though it’s an autobiography she tells it in a way that it’s not boring! She tells you about her loving mother Biddy, and father Harry with a too-short temper.
Recommend?: It’s a very interesting read and anyone can get into the book. I personally liked the decades in which Jacqueline Wilson was born because I think that that was a very interesting period of history.
Favourite Character: My favourite character was Biddy, because she was one of those people who knew where she was going and didn’t let any of the usual constraints of her time hold her back, she was a working mum and managed to bring up Jacky wonderfully.
Favourite Scene: My favourite scene was when Jacky has to write a paper about her “Day Out” and she writes about all this crazy stuff that she never really did, but always wanted to do and then when she goes home and tells her mother about this great paper that she’s so proud of. Her mum gets really mad with her and demands that she tells the teacher it was a pack of lies. The way Jacky had begun to make herself think that she had really done all these things is really funny, especially because the movie they saw was R rated!
Score: 5 stars
~ greengurl

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