New Non Fiction: Zoology and Unleashing your happiness project.

Even kids need self help books, like these ones:

image courtesy of syndeticsHow Cool are your Parents, (or not).

How cool are your parents, or not? I think the following summary speaks for itself:

“Parents–can’t live with them, can’t collect an allowance without them! One moment they are explaining the importance of being polite, and the next moment they are bossing you around. We’ve all wondered what on Earth goes on in their mysterious minds. and now we finally have an answer! This neon-bright guide, packed full of laugh-out-loud illustrations, will finally give kids a glimpse into the crazy, cluttered minds of the people who raise them.” – WCL catalogue.

Overall, I think this book is a crack up. The title and the information contained in this book is enough to suck you in! If only they had printed this book when I was growing up.


image courtesy of syndeticsDon’t Worry Be Happy (or not!) (Hah!, great philosophy in life.)

Once again, I will allow the summary of this awesome book, Don’t worry, be happy (or not) to speak for itself:

“Question: Why should you feel so happy? Answer: Because you are 100% human of course! This means you get all the special privileges reserved for humans like pocket money, stuffing yourself full of peanut butter and choosing your future career (lion tamer?) This brilliant bestselling book is packed full of amazing happiness advice! Full of laugh-out-loud and neon-bright illustrations, find out what makes YOU completely awesome.” – – WCL catalogue.

This book is also a crack up and the title and the information contained in this book is enough to suck you in. So next time you feel down the dumps, read this book which will guarantee to make you laugh, especially at the reason why you should be happy, like the fact you are not a fish, because you could end up as sushi, you are not a worm because you will never have a mobile phone and perhaps most important, you are free to be whatever you want… even a lion tamer, haha!


image courtesy of syndeticsYou might also enjoy The short and incredibly happy life of Riley, which chronicles and compares the life of a contented rat Riley with that of humans who always seem disgruntled with their lot.






Check out two new books from the National Geographic Kids / Explore My World series.

image courtesy of syndeticsimage courtesy of syndeticsKids will love Snow Leopards and Penguins. I for one sure did! Penguins explains how Emperor penguins manage to live, eat, and raise their young in an extremely cold environment, while Snow Leopards describes the unique physical characteristics, food habits, and parenting behaviour of snow leopards. Contains lots of amazing facts, cool pictures and simple text. These book are great for younger children, especially pre-schoolers because these books are a fun way to get even smarter about their world.



image courtesy of syndeticsWhats new? The zoo! : a zippy history of zoos.

The moment I picked up this book, the song ‘Were goin to the zoo, zoo, zoo, How about you, you, you?, You can come too, too, too, Were goin to the zoo, zoo, zoo.’, popped into my head. What’s new?, the zoo., is a millennia-long history of animal keeping and shares wonderful facts about what zookeeping has taught humanity and how individual lives have been profoundly shaped by the wild creatures found in zoos all over the world. This is a treasure that will be enjoyed by kids of all ages.


Fantastic new fiction

Perry Angel’s Suitcase by Glenda Millard

It has taken Perry Angel almost seven years to find the place where he belongs. Perry arrives at the Kingdom of Silk one day on the 10.30 express, carrying only a small and shabby suitcase embossed with five golden letters. What do those letters mean? And why won’t Perry let go of his case?




Image courtesy of SyndeticsThe Great Expanding Guinea Pig & Beware of the Snowblobs (2 books in 1!)  by Karen McCombie

Join Ruby, Jackson and Thing on not one but two great adventures in this brilliant bumper book. See what havoc Thing causes when Ruby and Jackson sneak it along on a trip to the petting zoo in The Great Expanding Guinea Pig. And in a seasonal spectacular, Thing helps Ruby and Jackson defeat some nasty bullies in Beware of the Snowblobs.




Image courtesy of SyndeticsOdd Weird & Little by Patrick Jennings

Befriending a very strange new student, Toulouse, helps outsider Woodrow stand up to the class bullies who have been picking on them both.




Image courtesy of SyndeticsBlue Sea Burning (Chronicles of Egg; #3) by Geoff Rodkey

Egg, Guts and Kira are trapped on board the sinking Grift. And the brutal Ripper Jones will stop at nothing to get revenge. Luckily Egg has a plan; all they’ve got to do is find the Fire King’s treasure, free the Okalu slaves and rescue Millicent from the annoyingly handsome Cyril. But first they have to make it to land – alive…




Image courtesy of SyndeticsThe Giver by Lois Lowry

Given his lifetime assignment at the Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas becomes the receiver of memories shared by only one other in his community and discovers the terrible truth about the society in which he lives.


Kids’ Club Review by Sophie: The truth about penguins

The truth about penguinsThe truth about penguins, by Meg McKinlay

This is a really funny book. It made me laugh a lot. My favourite bit was at the end when the penguins are coming up behind the zoo keeper dressed up in funky clothes. The other animals in the zoo have funny ideas about penguins. Some of them think that penguins sunbath on the beach and there is a picture of one getting sunburnt.

5 stars

Reviewed by Sophie from Johnsonville, 6 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Oliver: The truth about penguins

The truth about penguinsThe truth about penguins, by Meg McKinlay

The truth about penguins is a funny book. But is it really a truthful book? All the animals at the zoo are talking about all the funny things (or better to say, all the crazy things they think they KNOW about penguins!) Things like: penguins like holding pizza parties, going to the beach and wearing brightly coloured ponchos or how crazy it is that penguins can’t swim!!!

The zoo keeper is a well-informed man and tells all the animals the REAL truth about penguins. At the end of the book all the animals and the zoo keeper get a surprizing shock. I give this book 5 stars and think this book is for ages 4 to 9.

5 stars

Reviewed by Oliver from Wadestown, 9 years old

Kids’ Club Review by William: The truth about penguins

The truth about penguinsThe truth about penguins, by Meg McKinlay

All the animals at the zoo are excited because the penguins are coming to the zoo. They all talk about different crazy ideas about what penguins like to eat like pizza, or that they like sun bathing in tropical beaches or that they wear spots or stripes funky little ponchos. The zoo keeper comes along and tells all the animals the “real truth” about penguins. At the end everybody gets a funny surprise! I really like this book because it is very funny and made me laugh.

5 stars

Reviewed by William from Wadestown, 6 years old