9 New junior comics to read this spring!

Hey kids!

Spring on down to your local library and check six new junior comics added to the collection.


Wolfie Monster and the big bad pizza battle.

Three monster brothers get into trouble in a wacky adventure to save their failing pizza parlor!




Red Panda & Moon Bear.

Red Panda and Moon Bear are used to handling lost cats and bullies, but they will need some new friends to deal with ghosts, robots, and alien invaders.




The white snake : a Toon graphic.

Young Randall dreams of adventures until one day he’s sent off on a mission to discover the neighboring king’s secret. When he returns, he’s thrown in a dungeon and despairs until Princess Tilda — the power behind the throne – entices him to compete for her hand. Courage, determination — and Tilda’s trust in him – toss him from one adventure to the next as he dives for a ring at the bottom of the ocean and searches for a Golden Apple from the Tree of Life. BEN NADLER’s modern version in comics highlights the timeless truth at the heart of this Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale in a way that is sure to delight and resonate with today’s young readers.



Tyler is your everyday kid whose life is changed when his family has to move from the town he’s always known. Thankfully, Tyler has a strong group of friends forever linked in the world of Minecraft! Tyler, along with Evan, Candace, Tobi, and Grace have been going on countless adventures together across the Overworld and are in need of a challenge. They decide to go on the Ultimate Quest — to travel to the End and face off against the ender dragon!


image courtesy of syndeticsRuinWorld : eye for an eye.

Adventurers Rex and Pogo trek across the Ruinlands searching for treasure and magical artifacts, along with their not always faithful companions. It’s every adventurer for themselves in the Ruinlands! Join Pogo and Rex as they set out on a quest to hunt for valuable artifacts and magical weapons across the land. Along with plenty of not always faithful companions, our heroes must battle dangerous tribes of Toadies, survive giant stone Golems, and stop a catastrophic world-ending disaster, all while evading a cunning gang of thieves trying in a race to the biggest treasure of all time. Cartoonist Derek Laufman (Marvel Superhero Adventures) leads an unforgettable journey as Rex and Pogo misadventure their way across the Ruinlands, facing dangerous foes and fair-weather friends alike!


Plants vs. zombies : dino-might.

When Zomboss sets his sights on destroying the yards in town, it is up to the daring duo, along with Crazy Dave and his band of plants, to thwart his plans and claim victory once again!




Zero’s journey. Book two.

When Jack Skellington’s faithful pet Zero gets lost, the ghost pup must get the help of the residents of Christmas Town to find his way back. With Halloween plans on hold while Jack mounts a search, will they be reunited in time to save both holidays?



Rey and Pals.

What if Rey had not grown up alone on the dusty planet of Jakku, but instead had a galaxy of friends to share her adventures, all under the watchful eyes of Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie?



We are all me.

A poetic and lyrical picture book, bursting with color, about our interconnected world, from self to cells and seeds to sky

6 New Junior Comics and graphic novels

Hey kids! Welcome to the first month of spring!

Time to spring on down to your local library and check out the latest comics and graphic novels in the children’s collection.


Dugout : the zombie steals home.

Twins Stacy and Gina Cavallaro are on rival little league teams, and when Gina accidentally unleashes a curse that wakes the dead, Stacy’s misfit team gets coached by a baseball-playing zombie!

image courtesy of syndeticsGhost hog.

Truff is the ghost of a young boar, fueled by fury towards the hunter who shot her down. She has a lot to learn about her new afterlife, and thankfully the forest spirits Claude and Stanley are there to guide her! However, they soon find that her parents, along with their fellow animal villagers, have been kidnapped by the malicious mountain demon Mava! Truff wants to help, but… the hunter is finally within her grasp, and if she lets him go, she may never get her revenge! Is vengeance all that being a ghost is good for? Or is there something stronger keeping this little pig tethered to the living world?

Geronimo Stilton 3 in by Geronimo Stilton.

The hit Scholastic chapter book series has been successfully adapted into the best-selling graphic novel series from Papercutz. As Geronimo continues to garner new fans from his animated adventures seen on Netflix and Amazon Prime, Papercutz proudly collects 3 Geronimo Stilton graphic novels in 1! Geronimo Stilton and friends travel back to the past in the Speedrat to save the future from dastardly Pirate Cats. First up, head back to visit the Dinosaurs, then save Mozart from composing a CAT-astrophe, and finally help Geronimo invent the printing press. Fun and educational, Geronimo Stilton has a huge fan following and thanks to the new animated series, that following is getting larger all the time!

image courtesy of syndeticsGeronimo Stilton, reporter. #2, It’s my scoop!

Geronimo Stilton, top reporter for The Rodent’s Gazette, has a reputation of breaking the top news stories first to the citizens of New Mouse City. But lately, Sally Ratmousen of rival paper ‘The Daily Rat’, has been leaking Geronimo’s secret scoop! Can Geronimo keep the lid on a surprise celebrity guest to the city’s 100 year celebration or will Sally rat him out?

Sonic the Hedgehog : Battle for Angel Island.

“When Neo Metal Sonic–an evil robot with Sonic’s speed, Dr. Eggman’s intellect, and an unbreakable mechanical body–conquers the island to grow his power even more, Sonic and his friends must team-up and take the fight to him. But even with the full power of the Resistance behind him, will Sonic be able to take down Neo Metal Sonic once and for all?”–Provided by publisher.

The singing rock & other brand-new fairy tales.

A genie just wants a chance to grant a wish to the frog who accidentally let him out of his lamp–meanwhile, the frog just wants to be left alone. A witch is tormented by the cheerful (and awful) singing of a persistent bard, but when she finally snaps and turns him into a rock, he just keeps on singing–somehow the power of terrible music overcomes all magic. A wizard wants a pet. An ogre just wants to make beautiful art. Four original, wry and utterly charming fairy tales comprise this new collection for young readers

Kids’ Club Review by Isla: Herobrine scared stiff

Herobrine scared stiffHerobrine scared stiff, Zack Zombie

In the book it is Halloween and Lucy has a party. But while they are trick or treating, Herobrine loses Lucy and wonders around and finds a house. a Wizard boy holding a wand and saying a magic word, and it in front of him was a Minecraft Porto, and outcome minecart zombies, slimes and other Minecraft things. Then Herobrine thinks they are real. Then he just wonders off again and finds Lucy. Then it’s time for her Halloween party. the Wizard boy gets invited and other people , Herobrine wants to save the world from all the creepers in Minecraft zombies and slimes, will he be able to?

5 stars

Reviewed by Isla from Karori and Karori West Normal School , 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Isla: Herobrine goes on vacation

Herobrine goes on vacationHerobrine goes on vacation, by Zack Zombie

In the book, Herobrin goes on vacation on the beach and finds a bad luck shell, he named it Melvin and he gets lots of bad luck. The only way to get rid of it is to throw it in a volcano. Does he get burnt or does he not? Read this book to find out.

5 stars

Reviewed by Isla from Karori and Karori West Normal School , 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Affan: Zombie goes to camp

Zombie goes to campZombie goes to camp, by Zack Zombie

When I started reading this book i felt hooked because of how interesting the story was. My favourite part of this book was when cabin zero won the moblympics. They felt so happy after they won the moblympics. The moral for this story was don’t poison something at camp or you’ll be in trouble.

4 stars

Reviewed by Affan from Central City and Amesbury School , 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Affan: Zombie family reunion

Zombie family reunionZombie family reunion, by Zack Zombie

When I opened this book and started reading it I felt like it was a bit interesting and good by how the book was written. My favourite part in this book was when they arrived at the family reunion. I don’t think there is any moral for this story but still it was a brilliant book.

5 stars

Reviewed by Affan from Central City and Amesbury School , 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Ifra: Zombie family reunion

Zombie family reunionZombie family reunion, by Zack Zombie

When I started reading this book, I felt excited to read the whole book because it made me feel interested and want to read on. Why I liked this book was because the scenes were really adventurous and awesome. My favourite part in this book was when Zombie, Steve, Piggy and Wesley lost their way in the underground cave and they entered an ancient egyptian temple and found cool treasure! I think that the Moral of this story was to always love your family and never say mean words about others.

5 stars

Reviewed by Ifra from Central City and Amesbury School , 10 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Ifra: Zombie goes to camp

Zombie goes to campZombie goes to camp, by Zack Zombie

As I began reading this book, I felt kind of confused because of the starting of the story. The writing did not so much make me really interested in the book. Although I wasn’t interested in reading the book, I still liked it when Zombie and his friends won the Mob Olympics. I think that the Moral of this story is to help out each other and work as a team when you are not confident in something.

3 stars

Reviewed by Ifra from Central City and Amesbury School , 10 years old