Kids’ Club Review by Vita: War horse

War horseWar horse, by Michael Morpurgo

War horse is a great book about friendship, War and heroism. A horse called joey is forced to go to war leaving his best friend behind. Joey faces different conflicts on the way. The story is told from the horses point of view and from both sides of the trenches. I found it slightly repetitive because when one conflict gets resolved a new one comes along etc. This book is set in world war 1. Over all this is a great book and recommend it for older readers. This book is one of the best books I have ever read!
– Vita Ridgway school

4 stars

Reviewed by Vita from Central City, 10 years old

Free school holiday activities -don’t miss these!

Library commemorating ANZAC smallMark the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli beach landings by ANZAC forces in 1915 at your local libraries and community centres during the April school holidays.

You can discover our ANZAC heritage through enjoyable activities that let you experience life as a solider, or what it was like on the homefront during war time. Explore fascinating stories of WW1.

Contact the libraries and community centres below to find out specific activity details. You can find our children’s event listings here.


Ruth Gotlieb Library – Kilbirnie: Wednesday 8th April at 2pm

Cummings Park Library – Ngaio: Monday 13th April, at 11am

Johnsonville Library: Monday 13th April at 2pm

Karori Library: Tuesday 14th April at 11am

Wellington Central Library: Wednesday 15th April at 11am

Mervyn Kemp Library and Tawa Community Centre: Thursday 16th April at 11am

Island Bay Community Centre: Friday 17th April at 1pm


All activities are free, and bookings are not required. These events are ideal for 7-12 year olds and last for approximately 1hr.