World Wide Weird school holiday activities at Tawa Library

About 30 children and adults braved Wellington’s coldest day of the year, to come along to the World Wide Weird School Holiday Programme at Tawa Library, on Monday 25th July.


Shelley and Brigid shared some disgusting and weird facts from The Guinness World Records, before taking the children through some weird challenges: balancing on one leg for as long as you could; doing as many star jumps as possible in 60 seconds; balloon lacrosse and balloon racing relays, as well as trying to cross your eyes and wriggle your ears.


Their final challenge was the Weird Wardrobe Challenge. The children had to form teams and make one costume out of pieces of newspaper using only sellotape! Some teams came up with great costumes.Tawa Library’s next holiday programme will be in October, and should be just as much fun!


World Wide Weird – School Holiday Fun

Globe image smallWe’ve got some great activities happening just for you during the school holidays 18-29th July.

The unusual, the strange, and sometimes the downright gross will be happening at your local library – from World Records to weird and unbelievable facts, strange storytelling, and ‘Believe it or Not’ sessions – a chance to work out which bizarre stories are true and which are false. The answers might be surprising…

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