Kids’ Club Review by Michael: Trains

TrainsTrains, by David West (1956-)

I love trains. This book is very interesting with great pictures. I like to read with my Dad.

4 stars

Reviewed by Michael from Khandallah and , 5 years old

Top 10 Children’s DVDs January 2017

So good to have a movie to watch while we deal with Wellington’s crazy summer weather! kuboSometimes playing in the rain can be lots of fun if you have on your Wellies and a dry towel for afterwards. We
have some great books for those of you that enjoy jumping in puddles 🙂  but back to the movies…

Kubo and the two strings is looking awesome! This movie has stop motion sorcery, tiny puppets moved little bit by little bit to create movie magic. This tale of a young Samurai adventurer facing ice age 5mythic odds will keep you on the edge of your seats! Have you tried making a flip book or using stop motion to create a bit of film?  Let us know in the comments 🙂

  1. My little pony, friendship is magic.
  2. Octonauts.
  3. Zootopia
  4. BFGFireman Sam.
  5. Finding Dory
  6. Peter Rabbit.
  7. The BFG
  8. Ice age.
  9. Kubo and the two strings.
  10. Chuggington




Top 10 Children’s DVDs December 2016

Its summer holidays! But we all know Wellington is tricksy when it comes to beaching weather, so having a couple of DVDs up your sleeve for a wet day is a good plan.

Movies and TV programmes with your favourite characters are a great way to fill in a few hours and inspire imaginative play. Do you have dress ups as your favourite characters?


bananas in pajamas1. Octonauts

2. Fireman Sam

3. Thomas and Friends

4. My Little Pony, friendship is magic

5. Peter Rabbit

6. Bananas in pyjamas

kidsblog27. Zootopia

8. Chuggington

9. Inside Out

10. The Angry Birds Movie


Top 10 Children’s DVDs September 2016

dvd cover

Unpredicatble weather predicted for the school holidays? Set yourself up with some great movies and favourite series incase you get stuck indoors!

The Disney movie Zootopia has placed soooo many different animals together in one city.  Rookie cop, Judy, is the first bunny on the force meeting a huge range of characters that have their own ideas of who Judy is.  The directors of Tangled and Wreck-it Ralph have created a movie that looks at how different people treat each other.  Worth a watch this holidays.

bananas in pajamas1. Octonauts

2. My little pony, friendship is magic

3. Peter Rabbit

4. Zootopia

5. Bananas in pyjamas

6. Fireman Sam

cover image7. Inside out

8. Minions

9. Thomas & friends

10. Strawberry Shortcake

Top 10 Children’s DVDs for November 2015

Beatrix PotterIn at number 9 this week, classics have a revisit with the Tales of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.  Did you know that Beatrix Potter kept pet rabbits? Peter was naturally her favourite, she said he was lazy and slept in a box under a blanket all day – not like the rascal in her books!

Did you know that Fireman Sam was created by real firemen?  Originally recorded in in Welsh as Sam Tân the show has has now been translated into 25 languages. Stop motion animation was used in the first series where puppets and figurines are moved in small stages to create the illusion of movement.  It used to take 4 days to make a minute of Fireman Sam!  Now it’s created by drawing the characters with computer programmes.  There are some great colouring in pages here if you want to draw your own.

Also checkout these great new picture books for Fireman Sam fans.

  1. My little pony, friendship is magic.
  2. Thomas & friends.
  3. Peppa Pig.
  4. Chuggington.
  5. Bananas in pyjamas.
  6. Fireman Sam.
  7. Team Umizoomi.
  8. Legends of Chima.
  9. Peter Rabbit.
  10. Strawberry Shortcake.

4 new children’s non fiction to curb those winter blues

The Oxford Treasury of Fairy Tales.

Relive your favourite fairy tales time and time again by reading this amazing book. Escape into a world of knights and princesses, wicked witches and talking frogs. A must have book!



Planes, Trains and Automobiles: a visual history of modern transportation featuring 100 iconic designs.

Depicts one hundred iconic vehicles and innovative examples from transportation history presented in a timeline that can be read back to front, top to bottom, and right to left. Illustrated in stunning detail by the talented Mike Lemanski, this book beautifully captures the evolution of transportation design in a single shot. Overall this book is fantastic!



Motiti Blue and the oil spill.

This book tells the story  of a little blue penguin named Motiti Blue, who was covered in oil as a result of the oil spill from the Rena shipwreck. Also goes into detail about his rescue, the treatment he had at the Te Maunga Oiled Wildlife Response Unit and his release back into the wild. Overall a very fantastic book jam packed with amazing photos, especially of cute little blue penguins.



Rachel Carson and her book that changed the world.

Retells the story of Rachel Carson, a pioneering environmentalist who wrote and published “Silent Spring,” the revolutionary book pointing out the dangerous effects of chemicals on the living world. A great book to read if you are interested in conservation, biology and marine life

Top 10: DVDs for November

Looking for something to watch? Try one of these, the top 10 most popular DVDs for November. (Actually, just for fun, this month we’ll post the top 24 DVDs – lots to chose from!)

1. Strawberry Shortcake series

2. Dino Dan series

3. Ninjago, masters of Spinjitzu series

4. The cat in the hat knows a lot about that! series

5. My little pony, friendship is magic series

6. Dinosaur train series

7. Thomas & friends series

8. The Garfield show series

9. Babar and the adventures of Badou series

10. Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated series

11. Hotel Transylvania

12. Wreck-It Ralph 

13. Escape from planet Earth

14. The little mermaid 

15. Rise of the guardians 

16. Brave

17. Ice age

18. Madagascar

19. Shaun the sheep series

20. Oz the great and powerful

21. The Avengers, Earth’s mightiest heroes! series

22. Arthur Christmas

23. Horrid Henry

24. Room on the broom