Kids’ Club Review by Joshua: Minions. Evil panic

Minions. Evil panicMinions. Evil panic, Didier Ah-Koon, Renaud Collin

I thought this book was funny because the minions find a can with a label that says px-41 and they accidentally infected themselves with it. They become evil, so the other minions need to try to cure them. Will they be successful or not?

5 stars

Reviewed by Joshua from Tawa and , 10 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Zoe Brown: Best friend showdown

Best friend showdownBest friend showdown, by Yvette Poshoglian ; illustrated by Danielle McDonald

The book was fantastic. Ella and Zoe’s school is getting a new school hall. Miss Baker tells
them to sell chocolates to raise money. Ella and Zoe think it’s a competition . Olivia helps
Ella to sell the chocolates.

5 stars

Reviewed by Zoe Brown from Tawa and , 6 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Luis: the adventures of ook and gluk kung-fu cave men from the future

The adventures of Ook and Gluk, kung-fu cavemen from the future / Pilkey, Dav

this is a story about ook and gluk. the are brothes and there was one sister.there was this bad guy and he is a cheif he is called goppernoper. goppernoper live in the cave man place. there was this teleporter that also had goppernoper there both for differnt year. they ruled all places. well ook and gluk went to a kung fu traing center for 7 years and they defeted the bad people with there kung fu the end

5 stars

Reviewed by Luis from Tawa and , 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Connor: Dog Man. Fetch-22

Dog man. Fetch-22 / Pilkey, Dav

This is a great comic book to read if you like adventure and comedy. My favourite part is when Dog Man helps 22 tadpoles with superpowers. He trys to stop a tree that has gone totally bonkers because of chemicals. How did this happen? Well go find out by getting this book out from your library!

5 stars

Reviewed by Connor from Tawa and , 9 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Connor: Bad dad

Bad dadBad dad, David Walliams ; illustrated by Tony Ross

This is one of the best, funny and interesting books I’ve ever read. I just couldn’t stop reading this book. I couldn’t wait to see what the next sentence was. The author has done a amazing job making it so interesting. I recommend this book to everyone. In my opinion, this is one of the best books I’ve ever read.

5 stars

Reviewed by Connor from Tawa and , 9 years old

Kids’ Club Review by connor: The world’s worst teachers

The world's worst teachersThe world’s worst teachers, David Walliams ; illustrated by Tony Ross

My favourite story was Mrs Splatts Hall of Horrors. This is because I loved how she had a metal hand, a glass eye, a rubber ear and a wooden leg. There was girl she hated alot. Her name was Chewy. She loved bubble gum. Later on Mrs Splatt couldn’t get the girl to eat anything. She decided to trick her by giving her a pea. Then she realised it was a booger…
Eventually Mrs Splatt drifted off in one of Chewy’s bubbles.

4 stars

Reviewed by connor from Tawa and , 9 years old