Kids’ Club Review by luis: I Don’t Like Reading

Syndetics book coverI don’t like reading  by Lisabeth Emlyn Clark.

This book is about a kid who does not like reading. His little sister did not know how to read so she asked her big brother to read it to her. sometimes he can’t sleep because hes thinking that he needs to read. then the mum of harry said i will talk to your teacher and then miss Maurice was talking to Mr Johnson so Mr Johnson would help harry. Mr Johnson ask a nice lady called Mrs Grace to meet harry then they played some fun games then they noticed that he could only see in green paper. So Mrs grace gave harry some green see through paper. Then the ask again if he could read her a book he said yes then he did not stop. I liked this book because he’s very like me. We both like the same things for example soccer and dinosaurs.

5 stars

Reviewed by luis from Tawa and Amesbury School , 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Luis: I want to be in a scary story

Syndetics book coverI want to be in a scary story by Sean Taylor 

This story is about a little monster you want’s to be in an scary story. the person talking to him he put him into a forest with a house then he said go into the house then he did there was a witch then the little monster said I wan’t to be the scary one then he said ok the little monster went in a door to scare a monkey but there was a gorilla. I like this story because when he was about to scare the monkey and he did not know the gorilla was there. It was funny.

3 stars

Reviewed by Luis from Tawa and St Francis Xavier School , 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by connor: Silent but deadly

Silent but deadlySilent but deadly, by Pixel Kid and Zack Zombie

A creeper named Jasper has his first day of school! They did a big drama project with another class. His friend Harry is paired up with Jasper, but some big mean bullies are in their group. Their names are Burt Sting (a creeper and the boss of the gang), Blake the Blaze, Sam the Slime and Zane the Zombie. Their play is “Sir Farts Alot” but what mischief are those bullies going to get up to? Find out in Diary of a Minecraft Creeper: Silent but Deadly (Book 2).

4 stars

Reviewed by connor from Tawa and St Francis Xavier School , 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by connor: Sam Wu is NOT afraid of sharks!

Sam Wu is NOT afraid of sharks!Sam Wu is NOT afraid of sharks!, Katie & Kevin Tsang ; illustrated by Nathan Reed

I read this book over the summer, when I was doing lots of swimming at the pool, river and beach. This book is about Sam Wu proving that he is not afraid of sharks. To do this he goes to the Aquarium and touches the stingray, to the beach for a party and saves an old man from the water and finds a way to keep sharks away from the beach by wearing a “chilli belt”. Three stars!

3 stars

Reviewed by connor from Tawa and St Francis Xavier School , 8 years old

Flicks @ Six at Tawa Library

Come along to our free movie event on Thursday 17th January starting at 2pm at Tawa Library

Its going to be Movie Mania with 3 movies in one day starting at 2pm and running through our library late night. Our last movie will begin at 6pm.

Starting our movie marathon will be a story of a big hearted bull who is mistaken for a dangerous beast and taken from his home. Come and see how he managed to make his way home.

Films are either rated G or PG

You can call the library or talk to a librarian to find out what is playing each month.

Bring your own cushion for a comfy night in. Movies will play in the Children’s section of the library

The Great Lego Holiday event at Tawa & Johnsonville Libraries

Are you looking for something to do during the holidays.  Then come along and have some fun by creating and completing Lego challenges.

Tawa Library have their event on Thursday 10th January from 2pm.

Johnsonville Library have their event on Friday 11th January from 2pm

Let’s build – Let’s explore – Let’s create… Let’s Go Lego!!