Kids’ Club Review by Tiffany: Frank Einstein and the antimatter motor

Frank Einstein and the antimatter motorFrank Einstein and the antimatter motor, by Jon Scieszka

A great book that explains the forces or science. Possible related to Albert Einstein, Frank Einstein has built a robot powering it up with lightning. Except the project doesn’t work. and falls to pieces. But after, it rebuilds itself, bigger and better than before and with a better mind. It thinks like a human – maybe even better! And it can calculate absolutely anything! It is called Klink. Klink built another robot out of scraps but with a smaller mind. It is called Klank. Klink and Klank help Frank and Wastson thwart Frank’s arch-nemesis (T. Edison) at a science competition. A plan to provide a lot of energy out of atoms and matter. But then, Edison robot-naps Klink and Klank and Frank has to get his robots back. A fast-paced book for all ages who are looking for an easy way to learn science.

5 stars

Reviewed by Tiffany from Kilbirnie, 12 years old

Mad Science at Khandallah Library

We had our final session of the Mad Science Mysteries school holiday activties at Khandallah Library on Friday 10th October. It was amazing! The kids absolutely mastered making our zombie cure solution and creating mini volcanos. They had a blast playing with our pink goo which was a corn flour and water mixture that is a liquid but becomes solid when you pinch it in your fingers. In the engineering corner we had children and parents working hard to win a huge handful of lollies by balancing the largest number of books on an A4 paper cylinder. Three girls managed to balance 39 books! We are so grateful to all the librarians that helped make this holiday activity happen and all the parents and kids who came along ready to learn and play.

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Mad Science at Cummings Park Library… with Princess Bubblegum!

Everyone had a blast at the Cummings Park Library Mad Science school holiday programme.  The two Princess Bubblegums (aka Alisha and Max) added a new experiment into the mix and we made a blue and red volcano.  The Cummings Park kids also managed to balance 41 books on our paper cylinder!  Next up for Mad Science is Khandallah Library – we’ll see if we can make it to 50 books there!

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Mad Science at Karori Library

The October school holiday programme was all about science experiments. It was inspired by the hit TV show and comic book series Adventure Time. Staff dressed up as Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time – a princess who frequently saves the day with her knowledge of chemicals and engineering. There was goo, fizzing bowls, simple structures that blew our minds, volcanos and a lolly scramble. It was bonkers and completely awesome!

The kids helped us make a lava lamp and a mixture that was liquid but became solid when you squeezed it. We also managed to balance 25 books on a cylinder made out of a mere sheet of A4 paper. And then we figured out how to make a ‘Zombie Cure Solution’ by combining Monster Blood (red cabbage and vinegar blended), a Cinnamon Bun’s sneeze (flour and cinnamon), ground royal jewels (glitter and baking powder) and some Princess slime (dishwashing liquid). We knew we’d managed to make the solution when it fizzed and changed colour. We talked through the science behind every experiment and we all learnt a lot (librarians included!). The kids had lots of cool books to take home from our science collection and a bunch of lollies.

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Mad Science Holiday Activities at Kilbirnie and Miramar Libraries

We had so much fun last week saving NZ endangered animals! DOC has just launched a new App “Habitat, the game” and we’ve done lots of activities to understand better why our NZ animals are so special. Puzzles, mazes, worksheets but also hands on activities: Why do Whales have teeth or baleens? Have a go yourself by trying to collect pepper in water with either a toothbrush or a comb… Why do kiwis have a long curvy bill? We found out by using tweezers to dig for worms (fake ones!) in a bin full of soil! FUN!

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Science fun at Central Library

We had mad and mysterious science fun at the Central Library this week. Check out the photos!

First we were chased by a bear and became lost! We made a compass from magnets and metal and found our way our safely again. Then we made some potions and foaming dragons. The snot experiment was gross! We finished off our experiments with some crime solving using fingerprint identification and a scavenger hunt to solve the mystery.

There are still more Mad Science Mystery events on during the school holidays. Check out the Kids Events page to find out when and where.


October School Holidays – Free Children’s activities

98730-Libary Mad Science Mysteries 150 x 113The school holidays are next week! Looking for something fun to do? How about…

Free school holiday activities: get mad about science during the October School Holidays!

Grab your test tubes, clipboards and lab coats and get ready for mad science mysteries these school holidays! Hands on science experiments and stories that are perfect for 7-12 year olds. These fun events are free, bookings not required.


When and where:

Ruth Gotlieb (Kilbirnie) Library: Tuesday 30 September 11am – 12pm

Central Library: Wednesday 1 October 11am – 12pm

Karori Library: Thursday 2 October 2pm – 3pm

Miramar Library: Thursday 2 October 2pm – 3pm

Mervyn Kemp (Tawa) Library: Wednesday 8 October 11am – 12pm

Cummings Park (Ngaio) Library: Thursday 9 October 11am – 12pm

Khandallah Library: Friday 10 October 11am – 12pm


Contact your local library for more information.