Winners of the Crafty Kyle Competition!

A huge ovation for the winners of the Crafty Kyle Competition!

Amelia Major, Katie Chu-Fong, Matthew Yang went to Karori, Central and Johnsonville libraries to collect their prizes. They received a library bag full of books (some were even signed by Kyle Mewburn!), library concession cards and other fun goodies…

We received over 100 entries and they were all fantastic!

Thanks to all the children who contributed to the competition, Kyle Mewburn will find some inspirational ideas from your drawings!

matthew photo2

Matthew collecting his prize from Johnsonville library
photo Katie Chu-Fong2
Katie collecting her prize from Miramar library

Crafty Kyle Competition Winners!

The Crafty Kyle Competition is now over. The participants had to come up with a new imaginary story by Kyle Mewburn and design a book cover for it. We got heaps of entries… Well done everyone!

The winners of the Crafty Kyle Competition have now been announced.

Amelia Major won the 5 to 7 years old category. Well done for such a poetic and light-hearted drawing…

Amelia Major

Katie Chu-Fong won the 8 to 10 years old category. Very colourful and dynamic scene that you created for the “Vegetable Choir”.

katie Chu-Fong

The champion of the 11 to 13 years old category is Matthew Yang. The character Andy looks so fun and real in his cardboard boxes castle!

matthew Yang

The winners will be collecting their library prizes this week. Books signed by Kyle Mewburn will be one of the treats in the prize pack! Maybe your drawings will inspire Kyle Mewburn for one of his future books…

Books Go Arty exhibition: Duck’s stuck!

Duck waddled. Duck quacked. Duck ate grass. Duck napped. All is well in the farmyard…until…. ”Help! I’m stuck!” quacks Duck!  None of the farmyard animals can free Duck. None that is, except for crafty Rat. But does Rat have an alterior motive….?

You can find a fabulous feathery parade of bright yellow ducks right now at Central Library and at Island Bay Community Center. And if you look very closely, you might just find a certain crafty Rat. These bright and dynamic sculptures have been created by the brilliant children at Tawa school and Clifton Tce Model School.

It is part of Wellington City Libraries Books Go Arty With Kyle Mewburn Exhibition. The exhibition is on at Island Bay, Karori and Central Libraries until the 14th of November. Don’t forget to check it out!


duck at Central












Craft Kyle Competition – have you entered yet?

Check out some of the cool entries we’ve already received for the Crafty Kyle Competition:

Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Entry 4 Entry 5Entry 6

The Crafty Kyle Competition is part of the Books Go Arty sculpture exhibition that’s touring Wellington City Libraries. The exhibition is currently at Newtown, Brooklyn, and Cummings Park (Ngaio) Libraries. Pop in to see all the cool sculptures made by Wellington school children based on books written by Kyle Mewburn and pick up a competition entry form while you’re there. The competition ends on November 14th.


Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck!

KISS KISS! on the right cheek, KISS KISS! on the left cheek…. YUCK! YUCK! cries Andy who just can’t escape Auntie Elsie’s sloppy kisses fast enough. Andy hides from Aunty Elsie in the most ingenious places, but Aunty Elsie always finds him, and delivers another two fat, sloppy smooches every time.

But one day, Auntie Elsie doesn’t visit. Andy realizes that perhaps the sloppy smackers weren’t quite so bad after all…

Come and see Newtown School’s brilliant 3D sculpture of Andy and Auntie Elsie at Miramar Library, where it will be on display until August 21st. They are part of Wellington City Libraries “Books Go Arty With Kyle Mewburn” children’s sculpture exhibition. The amazing Newtown School sculptors have smothered Andy and Auntie Elsie in bright red sloppy kisses. They have used papier mache, cardboard tubes, bamboo garden sticks and many more to show the warm and special relationship between the two.

by Fiona Markwell

  kiss kiss yuck yuck

Kyle Mewburn at Central Library

Check out the photos of last week amazing event “Books Go Arty” at Central Library. Kyle Mewburn came all the way from Central Otago last Tuesday and Wednesday to meet the classes who had created sculptures based on his books. Classes from Karori Normal, Clifton Terrace, Newtown and Mount Cook had the chance to meet Kyle Mewburn, ask him lots of questions and play a Scavenger Hunt game. The sculptures based on Blue Gnu, Dinosaur rescue, Duck is stuck, Chick is sick, A crack in the sky, Melu, Kiss Kiss Yuck Yuck were honored by their creators…

Picture 105 Picture 056Picture 068Picture 064