Kids’ Club Review by Petra: Lyla

LylaLyla, Fleur Beale

A very moving and dramatic novel. It is the kind of book that pulls you along and makes it hard to stop. My fave character was Matt because it is fun to read about how he turns from neighborhood bad boy to home angel .All round it was a good book!!

5 stars

Reviewed by Petra from Khandallah and Other , 12 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Isabel: The bomb

The bombThe bomb, by Sacha Cotter ; illustrated by Josh Morgan

i loved the bomb. it is one of my favorite picture books. I think it has a good moral: even if you failed the first time keep trying until you get it right. I love when that grandma encourages the boy to do a bomb and from the grandmas encouragement he does the best bomb in the world.
signed: Isabel the great and magnificent.

5 stars

Reviewed by Isabel from Khandallah and Ngaio School , 8 years old