Stories to listen to!

I love listening to a good story! There are many ways to listen: cassette tape, CD, IPOD. You can even listen to video story-times on the internet! You probably already know about our library’s online story-time, but did you know that the Screen Actor’s Guild of America have produced an online story-time too? Stories on the Story Online website are read by famous actors. For example, Lord of The Rings stars Elijah Wood and Sean Austin both read a story. How cool is that?!

Yay for Harry

Are you potty about Harry Potter? We can’t wait for the release of the new movie next week… so we went searching our archives for inspiration. You can test your HP knowledge and keep busy with fun activities over the school holidays…


Check out our Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling books & links on the Kids Catalog Web:
Don’t forget – to see the websites just click on the spider web. Have fun with the crafts, quizzes and crosswords!


One of our favourite sites is the BBC which has the latest news on the film and info on the Harry Potter actors. And guess who has swine flu?!

Paint Like Monet!

Have you been to the Monet exhibition at Te Papa yet? I’m going tomorrow. There are some amazing paintings there at the moment. Don’t wait! The exhibition finishes on the 17th of May. Check out the Te Papa website for information.


If you’re really into art but you don’t have a lot of time (or any paint!) you could have a go at painting like Monet on the Te Papa site. It’s really fun – you can pick one of your own photos and then convert it to an impressionist-looking artwork. Give it a go!


Finally, if you’re after information on Monet and other impressionists check out our library catalogue for heaps of books:

Find out about art history

Read about paintings

Check out books on how to paint

Read books about famous artists (and also New Zealand artists)

And much more!


(Thanks to Magalie for the paint like Monet link.)

Nicholas: the books and the website!

book cover in French!If you’ve read the Nicholas books by Goscinny you should check out the Nicholas website – it’s got some cool games and activities, including Cowboys and Miniature Golf (which I was about as good at as I am in real life), plus you can join the Nicholas club and get some free stuff. So who or what is Nicholas then? The website does a better job of explaining than I ever could. Make sure you check out the books in the library too!

Kids Catalogue Web: Explore Some Birds & Animals!

Hi guys!


Do you often need info about New Zealand animals for your school homework sheets & projects? Then Kids Catalog Web can help! Navigate to the Explore section and choose NZ Aotearoa / NZ Animals. To see all the fantastic web pages on your chosen topic, click on the button of the animal you want. As this is a book catalog, it will usually come up with a list of books on that topic first. Just look for an icon with a spider sitting on a web (it’s on the left hand side of page and has the words see web pages) and click on that for the URLs.


Here’s some examples of the kinds of websites that you will find there…
Animal fact sheets:
New Zealand zoos have fact sheets on the animals that live there. Here’s the Hamilton Zoo site: Just click on Birds, Reptiles or Mammals and choose the fact sheet for the animal you want.


Animal Pests:
Te Ara, the Encyclopedia of New Zealand is getting more and more stuff added all the time. In “The Bush” section you can check out all our native animals & insects plus their predators. But this section in Conservation is all about the Introduced Animal Pests which threaten our native wildlife.

There’s loads of info about our unique and endangered animals too like the Little Blue Penguin. The Oamaru Penguin Colony website has some great facts plus their life cycle.

Sharks: If you don’t mind the sight of blood – check out this site from the Auckland Museum about dissecting a Great White Shark.

Pirates on the net

Parents will love this particularly (and kids might find some useful tips). Pirate Parenting* is a site that makes fun of all the advice people give about how to raise kids so that they’re incredibly well behaved and all that. Pirate Parenting imagines what advice you’d need if you wanted your kids to turn into… pirates!


book coverIf you’re really into pirates you can check out what books we’ve got in the library. One really cool one is Piratepedia – everything you need to know and more.


If you’re on the internet and you’re looking for pirate sites, you might like to try this pirate webring (what’s a webring? Check out Sam’s post to find out.)


* Thank you to Magalie who got this from Twitter.

Kids Cat – Easter

It’s only 6 weeks until Easter! Every year we get kids at the library asking us what is the meaning of Easter and where they can find out how to do Easter crafts. Luckily our Kids Catalog Web has loads of great books and websites on Easter. Check out the Easter icon on the Holidays & Festivals pages. Books in the catalog will be listed first (so you can check out what great books are at the library nearest you). But if you need info fast, just click on the spider icon to see the websites.

“One Ring to rule them all…”

Do you use Google, Ask Yahoo or any other search engine to find cool stuff on the internet? Sometimes it is hard to find a website that you like – lots of the good site links are hidden in the pages and pages of results. Some of the websites listed in the results are really good, but some can be bad, rude or unsafe.


One way to help you find awesome and safe websites is to look for a webring. Webrings are sites that linked to each other in a “circular structure”, which means that if you were to visit all the sites in the webring you would come back to the website that you started on. Websites that are members of a webring all share a common theme. For example, all the websites in a Disney webring would have Disney games, pictures, stories and colouring, and the really cool thing is that Webrings often have rules for people who want to have their site join the ring, like no dirty or mean webpages.


Here are a couple of fun webrings to browse:


Maybe you can look for some more webrings and share them with us!