Top 10 Children’s non-fiction for January

There are some truly dedicated fans out there – Star Wars, Lego, Minecraft people I’m looking at you!

1.   Star Wars, by David West Reynolds

2.  The LEGO ideas book, by Daniel Lipkowitz

3.  Minecraft, by Stephanie Milton

4.  Lego Star Wars, by Simon Beecroft

5.  Star Wars character encyclopedia, by Simon Beecroft

6.   Minecraft, by Nick Farwell

7.   Horrible Christmas, by Terry Deary

8.  Minecraft, by Matthew Needler

9.   Star wars, the clone wars, by Jason Fry

10. Star Wars rebels, by Adam Bray

Kids’ Club Review by Ben: Angry Aztecs

Angry AztecsAngry Aztecs, by Terry Deary

This is a really funny book that explains history in a fun way. It has really funny and cool pictures and it also is very factual. I would recommend this for anybody age 8-11.

4 stars

Reviewed by Ben from Island Bay, 12 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Zachary: The groovy Greeks

The groovy GreeksThe groovy Greeks, by Terry Deary

I found this book hard to read because it was very confusing some of it is for kids and some look like it is for grown-ups and I got really confused.
I have given it 3 stars because you can learn a lot about what happened and the pictures are good. I would recommend it for children 9+

3 stars

Reviewed by Zachary from Island Bay, 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by connor: Horribly hilarious joke book

Horribly hilarious joke bookHorribly hilarious joke book, by Terry Deary

A very funny book of all the jokes people have said in the past and the author[Teary Deary] has made up. Some of the jokes have pictures and some do not. They all are in a section like Egypt jokes would be in Awful Egyptians I rated 5 stars because i think all the jokes are funny and there is nothing to say negative about it.Cheers. Thanks for reading!

5 stars

Reviewed by connor from Karori, 9 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Andrew: The mad miscellany

The mad miscellanyThe mad miscellany, by Terry Deary

The Mad Miscellany is a great book. Another of those history books filled with gore that we all know so well. This time, as the name suggests, its full of dip in, dip out, miscellaneous info that will make your stomach churn. From dogs to monarchs, from assasins to cats, this book has it all.
Ages 9+

5 stars

Reviewed by Andrew from Karori, 12 years old