Kids’ Club Review by Genevye: Ever After High: Kiss and Spell

Ever After High: Kiss and Spell, by Suzanne Selfors

This was an awesome book. I decided to take this book out because I really liked Shannon Hale’s Ever After High’s books. I think Shannon Hale and Suzanne Selfors did a collaboration because they both have written Ever After High books so…. maybe they planned who should write which? Anyways, in this book is all about daughter of the Candy Witch (Ginger Breadhouse) She had a hard time growing up because in her kindergarten, her mum signed up for snack duty and she bought these yellow cookies with smiley faces on them and the teacher (Sister Goose) recognized that she was the Candy Witch, not Ms. Breadhouse (The name she introduced herself). From that day on, nobody invited her to birthday parties and requests for playdates stopped. She became lonely at recess and lunch. From reading this book, I felt quite sad for Ginger. Overall, I loved this book and I will be reserving many more.

4 stars

Reviewed by Genevye from Johnsonville, 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Delta: Unicorn Riders – Quinn’s Riddles

Unicorn Riders – Quinn’s Riddles, by Aleesah Darlison

The best bit in this book was when the Unicorn Riders got Ula back. Ula is a unicorn owned by Quinn the main character. Something I learnt from this book was to never give up because you should always keep trying. I would recommend this book to my friends because it is very girly and my friends like unicorns. This book is similar to The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale because they both have girl heroes on horses. I give this book three stars out of five.

3 stars

Reviewed by Delta from Tawa, 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Jennifer: Greenwitch

Greenwitch, by Susan Cooper

I loved reading it it was nice how jane only wanted the green witch to be happy and it got even better when the green witch asked jane what she wanted and jane said the grail so the green witch gave it to her then jane gave the green witch something else that coud be her treasure

5 stars

Reviewed by jennifer from Brooklyn, 10 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Ruby-May: Magyk : Septimus Heap, wizard apprentice

Magyk : Septimus Heap, wizard apprentice, by Angie Sage

Awesome! These are the books you need when your bored or when you need an adventure. The world of Septimus Heap will take you to the places in your mind,the places you can only dream about. From the dark magic and kidnapping to Aunt Zelda’s cottage and the dragon boat, you’re sure to have a good time from the moment you open the book.
Septimus was stolen from his family when he was a new born. Faking his death, the Heap family midwife took Septimus to the Young Army Barracks. In the Barracks, Septimus was trained to be a soldier. Meanwhile, the Heap family were raising the baby Princess Jenna, as her mother was murdered by an assassin. This same assassin is now sent to kill Jenna! On the morning of her tenth birthday, the assassin finds Jenna, Septimus Heap is frozen and the adventure begins……

5 stars

Reviewed by Ruby-May from Tawa, 10 years old

Kids’ Club Review by jennifer: The Burning Bridge

The Burning Bridge, by John Flanagan

it was a rally good it had lots of adventure it was scary when will is on the bridge when it is going to fall and it was really sad when halt was running after the boat and he yells to will I will find you I promise

5 stars

Reviewed by jennifer from Brooklyn, 10 years old

Some great new kids fiction to read these school holidays!

Yay!!! It’s the School Holidays! So stock your reading shelf with these fab new books available at your local Library!


Image courtesy of Syndetics

The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage ; The Find-Outers #1, by Enid Blyton

The Find-Outers is a clever mystery series from bestselling author Enid Blyton, and perfect for fans of The Secret Seven. Someone has set fire to Mr Hick’s cottage, but who could it be? Fatty, Larry, Daisy, Pip, Bets and Buster the dog have their very first case to solve. But it’s not easy being detectives with policeman Mr Goon telling them to “clear orf”. The Find-Outers are determined – they have to solve the mystery before Mr Goon does! First published in 1943, this edition contains the orginal text and is unillustrated.



The Stinky Truth by Joe Berger

It’s the school holidays and Sam and his best friend can’t wait to see Cry Wolfe, the first movie starring their favourite crime-fighting hero. But Sam’s mum has set him a challenge. He can only go and see the movie IF, and only if, he can make it through the entire holiday without telling a single fib. Can Sam go six whole weeks, without a single porky!? WARNING: contains fibs, farts and zumba-dancing mums.



Image courtesy of SyndeticsDark Tricks by Linda Chapman

Do you believe in magic? Sita and her friends do! When they meet the Star Animals, a whole world of adventure unfolds. Sita and her star animal, a deer called Willow, must use their special powers to stop the forces of dark magic. As the Star Friends’ ability to use their magic gets stronger, the forces of dark magic working against them become more intense, too. But the person using dark magic is taking risks – can the girls find out who their enemy is, and confront them once and for all?



Image courtesy of SyndeticsThe New Kid:  Unpopular me by James O’Loghlin

“New kids aren’t cool. Everyone knows that. Eleven-year-old Sam is the new kid at school but he has a plan, or two, or three to make himself the Most popular kid ever. What you are about to read is unforgettable (frog underpants, lonely losers, human umbrellas, bad boys…). It’s bumpy (jumping out a window is never a good idea). It’s the story of kid who wants to be more.”–Back cover.



Image courtesy of SyndeticsGreta Zargo and the Amoeba Monsters from the middle of the earth by A.F. Harold

Greta doesn’t know it, but weird wobbling monsters are devouring her neighbours one by one. But right now Greta’a busy trying to find her aunt, who’s gone mysteriously missing… — Adapted from back cover.

Kids’ Club Review by Kohaya: Crooked Sixpence

Crooked Sixpence, by Jennifer Bell

All of us know that a yo-yo is a yo-yo. or not. When 12 year old Ivy Sparrow and the 14 year old brother, Seb stumble upon across the extraordinary world of Lundinor, they uncover a family secret that involves an evil gang. Soon enough Ivy & Seb embark on an adventure that, not only endanger themselves but all of humankind . . .

5 stars

Reviewed by Kohaya from Brooklyn, 9 years old