Bee Aware Month!

September is Bee Awareness month and this year Apiculture New Zealand are focusing on bee health by educating us on how we can feed the bees and help protect our precious bee population.

Did you know that bees support New Zealand’s agri-industry exports by over $5 billion annually – that is heaps! Plus they help grow one third of all the food we eat as well as helping our gardens flourish and look beautiful.

There is heaps that we can do to help out our little buzzing friends and one of the easiest way is by planting bee friendly plants and flowers. Bees need food so that they can help pollinate the food we eat. Bees will feed on pollen and nectar and this helps them to grow and Bee strong which helps them to fight off disease and parasites.

Bees also need clean water so why not make a shallow container for them to drink from. Just make sure you put pebbles and twigs in the water so the bees have something to rest on while they are drinking.

Another way we can help the bees is to stop spraying our gardens with harmful pesticides which kill the bees.

Palmers Garden Centre who are supporting Bee Awareness Month have information and competitions on their website plus check out their 5 top tips for a bee friendly backyard.

The library also has heaps of books on bees so take a look and… Lets save our bees!

Kids’ Club Review by Francesca: A river

A river, by Marc Martin

Lovely illustrations! I enjoy art. I need a book with more words but easy to read nice picture book.

3 stars

Reviewed by Francesca from Khandallah and Cashmere Avenue School , 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Caitlin: Where’s the elephant?

Where's the elephant?Where’s the elephant?, by Barroux

This is a clever book told cleverly just with pictures. Its sort of a mix between wheres wally and emphasising global warming. I like the message that this book tells and the pages are colourful and it’s sort of like a hide and seek game.

3 stars

Reviewed by Caitlin from Island Bay and St Francis De Sales School , 11 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Raya: Where’s the elephant?

Where's the elephant?Where’s the elephant?, by Barroux

Our forests and wildlife are quickly disappearing, due to habitat loss and basically . . . us. Humans. (And that is VERY bad. I am ashamed of us humans!). This book shows it a lot.

You get to find the elephant, snake and parrot on every page. At first they have a giant forest all to themselves and are quite hard to find. But slowly deforestation kicks in and their habitat gets smaller and smaller. When their giant forest finally disappears into a giant city, they are left standing on the last bit of fresh grass and earth ground, and then dumped in a zoo.

Luckily, they escape and find their very own island to start again.

If only all animals were so smart! To find their own island just for them. I read this book to my little sister and she was very understanding (well, once I explained it to her). We need to make the best effort we can to save our wildlife – before it’s too late. This colourful book emphasises that point, and I am thankful that everyone who reads this will hopefully have the same thoughts as me.

P.S. This book has no pictures. 🙂

4 stars

Reviewed by Raya from Cummings Park and Raroa Normal Intermediate , 11 years old