New children’s digital magazine titles

Who needs paper magazines when you can download and keep the digital ones for free? If you haven’t tried Zinio yet, then you’d better give it a go!

There are heaps of cool magazines available, and we’ve just added two new ones that are especially for you!

We’ve had Horrible Histories for a while now, and it’s really popular. We’ve just added Cricket and Faces.


Faces helps kids understand how people in other countries live. Each issue focuses on a different culture – from Vietnam to Egypt to Haiti – including stories about daily life, folk tales, and engaging articles about history and traditions of the people and their culture.

Perhaps no other single magazine has inspired generations of readers as Cricket has. Well-known for its high-quality fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and brilliant illustrations, Cricket has intelligent, imaginative content that encourages readers to develop their own, unique creativity.

Download your copy from Zinio today.



Download Stories onto your iPod/MP3 Player!

Did you know you can download books from the library website onto your PC or MP3 player? Well, if you didn’t know that and you’re interested you should check out our Downloadable Media page. There are heaps of books to choose from. For example, My Sister Jodie fans can download the book to their PC or WMA player, or they can burn it to CD and listen to it on their stereo!


For information about how to use the downloadable media library visit the Help page. You can take a virtual tour of the library, find out what software and hardware you need, and everything else you need to get going. It’s easy and free and virtually cool!

Want to listen to a good book these holidays?

Hey, did you know that there are children’s books in our digital audiobook collection? You can download books to your PC or compatible MP3/WMA player (check with your parent if you’re not sure about this – the home page tells you more about this stuff) and then you can listen while sitting in the sun or the car…


The collection includes things like The Waterhorse by Dick King-Smith, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Volume 1, Prince Caspian by C S Lewis, My Sister Jodie by Jacqueline Wilson, Dragonsdale by Salamander Drake and much more. Here’s the complete list.


The best thing about the digital audiobooks is that there are no overdues: the books automatically return themselves after two weeks, so you don’t have to worry about them. Excellent!