Like listening to audiobooks?

You can use your Wellington City Library card to download audiobooks for free. You can play them on your MP3 player or iPod®, some you can even burn to CD to listen to later.

All you have to do is go to our digital audiobooks page , download the Overdrive software, and that’s it. You can start searching the children’s fiction collection for the books you want to listen to these school holidays.

How cool is that!

Read books from all over the World!

The Children’s Digital Library is a website on the internet that lets you read books for free! You can choose the country where your story’s from and the language it’s written in. You can also select picture books, award winning books and check out the recently added books! They have almost 50 books from New Zealand in their collection including Kapai counts to ten (a smart little kiwi learns to count to ten in English & Maori). Check out this website by clicking here.