Kids’ Club Review by Genevye: Diamonds are a thief’s best friend

Diamonds are a thief's best friendDiamonds are a thief’s best friend, by Hope McLean

i think it’s a awesome book because The Jewels go to New York and the Jewels are trying to figure out which diamond is it then they crack a code and Jasmine is a gem genius and she figures out that the diamond is Martha Washington’s Pair of diamond earrings. So that’s why i think this is a awesome book.

5 stars

Reviewed by Genevye from Central City and Churton Park School , 6 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Lucas: Urban outlaws

Urban outlawsUrban outlaws, by Peter Jay Black

Wow! This book was amazing!
Meet Jack, part of the gang Urban Outlaws with Charlie, Obi, Slink, Wren. From a bunker beneath the city of London live 5 super amazing skilled orphans that go through tough missions to save the poor, they rob bad guys and give all of it to the poor or charity! Their latest mission is going to put them in big trouble. Del Sarto, one of the worlds richest, dirtiest, smartest criminal is right at their feet trying to get them for a computer that you can hack in to anything, according to Jack, it’s all his fault but together they can make it out alive, or can they!…

5 stars

Reviewed by Lucas from Miramar and Seatoun School , 11 years old

Funny New Fiction

Have a laugh or two while enjoying these new funny fiction books!

Alien Schoolboy’s Z-A Guide to Earthlings by Jeremy Strong

Flowkwee while helping his dad study Earthlings by disguising himself as a schoolboy, puts together a guide to help other bamboozled aliens get to grippers with this primitive planet and its hideous inhabitants.



Fluff the Farting Fish by Michael Rosen

‘One day Mum went out to get Elvie a puppy.  What?!!! Really???? A Puppy??? Well, actually, er…no….. a fish.  But Elvie, desperate to fulfill her dream of having a performing pet, trains Fluff the fish.  Fluff can’t sit, she won’t bark on command, but she does have a very special fishy talent all of her own!’ (taken from book cover).



Sumo Granny Smackdown by Dave Hackett

Sumo Granny is a large old woman with revenge on her mind, and this is the toughest situation the SUCS team have faced so far. Not only does Sumo Granny like to wear funny undies while wrestling, it seems she is also out to destroy the City of Sucktropolis. It’s SUCS against SUKS (the Sucktropolis United Knitting Squad) in their efforts to bring down the large lady.



Pizza Cake and other funny stories by Morris Gleitzman

Ten funny stories to make you giggle:

Saving Ms Fosdyke — Pizza cake — Charles the Second — Secret diary of a dad — Can’t complain — Draclia — Tickled onions — Stationery is never stationary — Big mistake — Harriet’s story.



How to Build an Abominable Snowman by Dominic Barker

In this Guide to Trouble, Max and Molly will show you, cleaver reader:

1. How to get snowed in with only EMERGENCY BEANS for tea.

2. How to snowplough the street so Mum can buy PIZZA  instead.

3.  How to accidently also-at-the-same-time build a real life ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN! (from book cover)