ComicFest 2019 is nearly here!

Do you like free comics? Do you like winning prizes just for wearing a cool costume? Or for drawing a super nerdy picture? Would you like to meet some of the awesome people behind some of your favourite comics, including the Tea Dragon Society, Snarked, and even Batman?

You can do all that and more at ComicFest 2019, running from Thursday the 2nd to Saturday the 4th of May. Come on down to the National Library, just across the road from the Beehive, for all kinds of super-amazing stuff to do, from drawing workshops to drawing competitions, making your own comic zines to winning your own comic at Free Comic Book Day. ComicFest is one of our favourite times of the literary year, and we’d love to see you all there!

Check out some of the comic books by some of the artists and writers you might get to meet at ComicFest 2019:

Snarked!. Book one, Forks and hope / Langridge, Roger Roger Langridge is one of the insanely talented comic book creators joining us for ComicFest. He’s well known for his work on Thor: The Mighty Avenger and The Muppet Show, but the Snarked! books are probably my favourite by him! They’re set in the crazy world of Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland), which only makes them cooler!

The Tea Dragon Society / O’Neill, Katie I totally love Katie O’Neill’s Tea Dragon Society — apprentive blacksmith Greta’s amazing journey is told through the some of the most beautiful art you’ll ever see in a comic book. Don’t miss Katie’s Tea Dragon Workshop during ComicFest — join her in the National Library Programme Rooms on Saturday the 4th of May at 9.00am to see a new species of Tea Dragon take flight before your eyes. I know I can’t wait!

Helen and the Go-Go Ninjas / Sang, Anthony Ant Sang’s Helen and the Go-Go Ninjas should be a go-to comic for older kids. Set in Auckland deep in the future, Helen is enlisted by a group of time-travelling ninjas to save the world from the tyranny of the Peace Balls — will she succeed in her quest? It’s truly a read that keeps you on the edge of your seat right ’til the end. Love it!

There’s heaps more to see and do, and heaps more books to read, at ComicFest 2019. Can’t wait to see you there! Click the banner below to see the whole programme of events.

Kids’ Club Review by caleb: Dog Man unleashed

Dog Man unleashedDog Man unleashed, [written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey]

it is funny and has good pictures
my favourite character is flippy
I like him because he can contol stuff with his mind
i also like the skelton of the t-rex that petey turns alive

3 stars

Reviewed by caleb from Tawa and Linden School , 10 years old

Kids’ Club Review by caleb: Dog Man

Dog ManDog Man, written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey, as George Beard and Harold Hutchins

I like it because it is really funny and it has cool drawings

5 stars

Reviewed by caleb from Tawa and Linden School , 10 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Sofia: The Bad Guys. Episode 2, Mission unpluckable

The Bad Guys. Episode 2, Mission unpluckableThe Bad Guys. Episode 2, Mission unpluckable, Aaron Blabey

This book was a amazing book because the words told the story like when the shark was scared of the spider it said more so I could get a picture of it and understand what the author was trying to say. I love that at the start they told us what happened after the first book.And it washilariously in some parts . I would say this was a get success for 7 to 9

5 stars

Reviewed by Sofia from Khandallah and Ngaio School , 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Aadarsh: The Flintstones and the Jetsons Volume 1

Syndetics book coverThe Flintstones and the Jetsons. Volume 1 / Robbie Busch, Mike Carlin, Sam Henderson, Michael Kupperman, Matt Wayne, writers ; Bill Alger, Ivan Brunetti, Thad Doria, Glen Hanson, Bill Wray, pencillers ; Bill Alger, Ivan Brunetti, Mike De Carlo, Stephen DeStefano, Tim Harkins, Bill Wray, inkers.

This book is about a family called Flintstones from the stone age and a family called the Jetsons from space age.

My favourite character is Elroy because he always skips school and he always has parties with his friends. I liked it when Elroy played a prank on his dad to make him a baby. I recommend this book to people who like reading humor and comics. I give this book a rating of 5 out of 5.

5 stars

Reviewed by Aadarsh from Johnsonville and Churton Park School , 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Varsha: Nancy Drew diaries. 8, Tiger counter ; What goes up

Nancy Drew diaries. 8, Tiger counter ; What goes upNancy Drew diaries. 8, Tiger counter ; What goes up, Stefan Petrucha & Sarah Kinney, writers ; Sho Murase, artist

Nancy Drew Diaries is a cool comic written by Carolyn Keene.It involves a mixture of action,suspense and adventure.The comic is about this teenage girl Nancy, who goes on a lot of quests and adventures with her BFF’s Bess and George.I think this book is very serious because it doesn’t have one bit of comedy in it but I loved it.
My most favourite character is Nancy because she never gives up and my least favourite character is the bad people because you know, they are bad.In my opinion, I would say this book can be for both boys and girls because I love it and I’m a girl and it has lots of action that most boys like.I think this book is suitable for age category 8-14.

My most favourite character is Nancy

4 stars

Reviewed by Varsha from Johnsonville and Amesbury School , 9 years old