Kids’ Club Review by Thomas: The Lorax

The Lorax, by Dr Seuss

The Lorax is a great story made by the genius kids rhyming book author, Dr Seuss. The Lorax is about a kid called Ted who loves a girl called Audrey. They live in a town called Thneedville. All Audrey wishes is to see a real tree. Theendville is made of plastic and has no nature.Ted is confident to find Audrey a real living tree. Ted meets a man called the Once-ler who tells Ted everything. A mini baby man called O’Hare (who owns the air) tries to stop Ted from getting a tree. Will Ted get a tree? Find out in The Lorax. By the way they have made the Lorax movie, so watch it now.

5 stars

Reviewed by Thomas from Karori, 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Tuhina: Ivy + Bean : what’s the big idea?

Ivy + Bean :             what's the big idea?Ivy + Bean : what’s the big idea?, by Annie Barrows

I enjoyed this story by Annie Barrows.This story was telling about global warming.Ivy and Bean were worried because the animals were in danger due to the environment getting less cold.Bean and Ivy had to find a solution to the problem.Nancy and her friend did not care about nature.At the end ,Ivy and Bean found a solution!!!!
I really liked the part when they found a solution.Children should read this story because it has facts —-but fun facts about nature…

4 stars

Reviewed by Tuhina from Central City, 6 years old

Calling all scientists!

Have you heard about The Great NZ Science Project? Now’s your chance to get behind science and help New Zealand decide how we use it to invest in our future. Explore areas of interest and join the debate. The future of science in New Zealand is in your hands.

Important and leading NZ scientists have teamed up with our best free-thinkers -you guys, to figure out what science areas NZ should be focusing and spending our money on.

There are lots of ideas and projects suggested in the areas of

In each of these areas you can find out about what’s happening, what could happen in the future and why it’s important for scientists to work in these areas. There are heaps of facts and videos to watch. The videos are really cool, I reckon you should watch them.

Then you get to vote and write your opinion on whether you support science developments in these areas, which areas you think are most important and, coolest of all, you get to tell the scientists what you think they should be working on.

If you have an idea for a project for NZ scientists you can suggest it and you never know, an awesome scientist out there might think it’s a good idea and start working on it -Cool!


The Great NZ Science Project is on Facebook and Twitter for you to like, follow, post and comment.

Earth Hour 2010

EARTH HOUR…..Saturday 27th March 8.30pm to 9.30pm


On 27th March 2010 between 8.30pm and 9.30pm hundreds of millions of people around the world will again be turning off their lights and appliances to raise awareness on action against climate change.


You can help by turning off all your lights and appliances at home (like the TV or computer) during this hour. Check out the website to find out more.