Kids’ Club Review by Jacob: The blizzard challenge

The blizzard challengeThe blizzard challenge, by Bear Grylls

This book was a great book. It’s about a boy called Olly who went on a camp for the first time. On the first day he didn’t take part and didn’t like camp at all. However that night a compass comes and transports Olly to a mountain that is very cold. Bear is there to guide him but then the storm hits and they have to make a hole to protect themselves. Olly realises he is actually enjoying himself. He then goes to sleep and ends up back at camp. Olly then gives camp a fair go and ends up liking camp. If you like books that have lots of action then you should read this.

4 stars

Reviewed by Jacob from Cummings Park and Ngaio School , 9 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Aoi: The big adventure

The big adventureThe big adventure, by Sally Rippin

Today Jack was in happy mood because he was going to camp. When Jack got to the Camp site, he asked if he could go in the cool blue water. Then Jack found a cave and he got stuck. His Dad rescued him. The story is a little bit boring to me.

3 stars

Reviewed by Aoi from Karori and Thorndon School , 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Billie: The big adventure

The big adventureThe big adventure, by Sally Rippin

I liked this book when I was five! I thought it was a very funny and inspiring book that gives children ideas about adventers they can do ( in this book) ! In this book Jack goes camping with his family and after he sets the tent up he wants to go swiming. at the beach the current in the water is very strong so Jack is only allowed in with dad or mum. But Jack wants to go exploring and gets stuck behind the tide! What will happen to Jack.

4 stars

Reviewed by Billie from Brooklyn and Roseneath School , 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Arav: Herman’s vacation

Herman's vacationHerman’s vacation, by Tom Percival (1977-)

The book was funny. Henry and Herman are two best friends who want to go on vacation. Unfortunately, vacations cost money, and that’s one thing they don’t have. Henry is determined to find an affordable vacation for his best friend. When the hiking trip Henry planned doesn’t make Herman happy, Henry decides to bring the comforts of home to his friend.
Its a great story about friendship.
I loved this book and recommend it to everyone.

5 stars

Reviewed by Arav from Johnsonville and West Park School , 6 years old

Top 10 Children’s fiction for August 2016

New releases galore on the Children’s fiction front! There is a new Tom Gates adventure, catch up with Liz Pichon’s hero at your library. And what could be on the 78th storey of Andy and Terry’s treehouse? Any one else find this series a really good way to learn their 13 times tables?


1. Diary of a wimpy kid series, by Jeff Kinney

2. Tom Gates series, by Liz Pichon

3. Treehouse series, by Andy Griffiths

4. Dirty Bertie series, by Alan MacDonald

5. Dork Diaries, by Rachel Renée Russell

6. Where’s Wally? by Martin Handford

7. The Secret Seven series by Enid Blyton

8. The BFG, by Roald Dahl

9. Matilda, by Roald Dahl

10. The hidden oracle, by Rick Riordan

4 Fun new Fiction books for children

Image courtesy of SyndeticsSave Rafe -Middle School;6,  by James Patterson

“Middle schooler Rafe Khachadorian faces his greatest challenge yet as he struggles to complete a week-long wilderness survival course to prove to his school administrators that he can succeed”– Provided by publisher.





The Complete Adventures of Johnny Mutton Image courtesy of Syndeticsby James Proimos

The many adventures of Johnny Mutton — Johnny Mutton, he’s so him! — Mutton soup — Extras, extras, read all about it!  Presents a collection of humorous stories about Johnny Mutton, the young sheep raised as a regular boy.




Archie Greene and the Magician’s SecretImage courtesy of Syndetics by D. D Everest

Archie Greene has lived with his grandmother since he was a baby, but when a mysterious package arrives on his twelfth birthday with instructions to take it to a strange bookshop in Oxford, he finds himself involved with a secret society of people who protect the world’s magical books, and discovers that he has family he never knew about.




Emily’s Tiara Trouble Image courtesy of Syndetics– The Anti-Princess Club;1

Talented ten-year-olds Emily, Bella, Chloe and Grace are sick of teachers assuming they are helpless princesses. When maths whiz Emily Martin’s mother enters her in the local beauty pageant, it’s the last straw – the four friends form the Anti-Princess Club, with the motto We Don’t Need Rescuing. Can they use their awesome skills to show the world that girls want to be valued for more than what they see in the mirror?