Kids’ Club Review by Carson: NZ bugs and critters

NZ bugs and crittersNZ bugs and critters, by Dave Gunson

It’s a good book. I like it because it talks about many different bugs, like beetles, ants, snails, and gigantic flies. I know that moths like to follow light, and daddy longlegs spiders have very long legs.

5 stars

Reviewed by Carson from Tawa and , 5 years old

April School Holiday Fun!

Did you know that dragonflies have been around for 300 million years or that our native snail, the Powelliphanta, can live for up to 20 years? What do you know about bugs and other creepy crawlies? Love them or hate them bugs are fascinating! In fact at Wellington Libraries we think Bugs are so awesome we put beehives on the roof of Central Library.

These school holidays we are going to be worming our way into the World of bugs, through games, fun facts, microscopes and crafts. So fly down to your local library and join in with some of the fun, free activities we have on offer, during the April school holidays.

These free events are for children aged 6+

Mervyn Kemp  Library – Tawa: Wednesday 19 April at 11am

Karori Library: Wednesday 19 April at 2pm

Ruth Gotlieb Library – Kilbirnie: Thursday 20 April at 10.30am

Cummings Park Library – Ngaio: Friday 21 April at 11am

Miramar Library: Wednesday 26 April at 10.30am

Wellington Central Library: Thursday 27th April at 11am

Johnsonville Library: Thursday 27th April at 11am

Khandallah Library: Thursday 27 April at 6pm

Newtown Library: Friday 28 April at 6pm

7 new back to school children’s non-fiction you must get your hands on!

The holidays may be over, but have no fear, Wellington City Libraries always has fantastic new books in stock for your viewing and reading pleasure. Come on down to your local library and check out what’s new in our junior non fiction collection, especially some must have new reads about the Olympics, which you should get your hands on before the games officially start:


image courtesy of syndetics

Travel the world Atlas.

Take a trip around the world and back again where you can  expand your geographical knowledge and stimulate  curiosity with this delightful map book.  Filled with fascinating, bite-sized facts about the landscape and the culture of each geographical region. Great for children over 6 years old.


image courtesy of syndeticsSuperbug.

Grab hold of this book and read all about the biggest, fastest, deadliest creepy crawlies on the planet.





Packed full of cool photos and fascinating facts about tractors. Perfect for reluctant readers and young children interested in tractors and automobiles



image courtesy of syndeticsPokemon visual companion.

Pokemon madness has taken over the library, especially with the release of this fantastic Pokemon guide. Here is your chance to really catch all the Pokémon you can find, as uncover amazing artwork, fascinating facts and comical anecdotes. This is truly a must have reference for every Pokemon fan!



image courtesy of syndeticsOlympic Sport: The Whole Muscle-Flexing Story.

From running a marathon to beating your friends at basketball or being the bendiest gymnast around, find out everything you ever wanted to know about sports and games and what it is that makes athletes the best at what they do. A must have read to have in time for the Olympics.



image courtesy of syndeticsOlympic Expert.

Read this book and discover record breaking sprints of 100m legend Usain Bolt, Gymnast Nadia Comenaeci’s perfect ten, Bob Beamon’s amazing long jump and David Weir’w wheelchair racing heroics and much, much more! This book is also crammed full of facts and statistics, quotes, trivia and lots of other essential information for every Olympic fan. Grab it quick before someone else does.


image courtesy of syndeticsMinecraft : the survivors’ book of secrets.

The latest instalment of Minecraft as arrived in the form of  Minecraft : the survivors’ book of secrets. This Official Minecraft book contains collective knowledge of the Survivors – an underground group of Minecraft experts who’ve been around since the early days of alpha. Out in the field you’ll learn how to stalk your enemies, how to master the art of practical munitions and how to crush any opponent in hand-to-hand combat.

Kids’ Club Review by Seren: The great house hunt!

The great house hunt!The great house hunt!, by Davide Calì (1972-)

This is a wonderful book with such cute quirky illustrations. This book is about 2 little ladybugs who want to have a baby. They go on a big house hunt with the real estate agent, Mr weevil. They try out lots of houses but can’t find the perfect one. Do you think they will find one or will they have to settle for their old and tiny house? I think this book would be good for 5-7 year olds.

5 stars

Reviewed by Seren from Brooklyn, 9 years old

New Non Fiction – Zoom! The Invisible World of…

Introducing new books from the series: Zoom! The Invisible World of… that zooms in on the intriguing but invisible world of animals and plants, using macro-photography to reveal some weird and wonderful sights you will not have seen before.


Birds by  Camilla De la Bédoyère

Fantastic book to read if you want information and zoomed in pictures of your favourite birds. Esepcially seeing a picture of Hummingbird feathers up close. 







Plants by Camilla De la Bédoyère

A great book to read that zooms in on the intriguing but invisible world of plants. Great section on meat-eating plants.







Ocean Life by Camilla De la Bédoyère

Want to see pictures of your favourite sea creatures up close? Want facts and information? Then this is the book for you. You even get to see a picture of a krill zoomed in. 







Bugs by Camilla De la Bédoyère

Great book to read if you want to see pictures of bugs up close. Lots of intersting facts.

Yum, try a huhu grub!

You will never be bored again after checking out How to eat a huhu grub. This book is jam-packed with weird and wonderful ways to keep your jaded mind electrified. Have a go at making your own paper with sheep poo, launch a drink bottle 60 metres into the air, or what about making a water bomb from a piece of paper? It’s full of mad, cool and dangerous ideas for Kiwis who like doing stuff.