Kids’ Review by Jemima

Ways To Live Forever is an emotional, yet effective and powerful novel, by the one and only Sally Nicholls. Sam – the main character – is twelve years old and is struggling with leukemia. He wants to conquer everything before he dies, and with the help of his teacher and best friend Felix, he does everything from riding in an airship to kissing a girl. This book will make you laugh your head off one minute, and sob into your pillow the next! It is a whole emotional rollercoaster; a good one, of course. I would recommend it to children aged 10 – 14. 5 stars.

Review by Jemima of Karori

Liked one of these? Then try the other.

Syndetics book coverMondays are murder / Tanya Landman.Syndetics book cover

I know what you did last Wednesday / Anthony Horowitz.

Classic mysteries set on isolated Scottish islands where the invited guests are being killed off one by one.

Try and figure out who’s responsible, but be warned, the authors throw in red herrings to try and make you suspect the wrong people.

These skinny books are a fast paced read for older kids and teens.

Kids’ Review by Andrew

Boy vs Beast: Battle of the Borders #7: Isolus By Mac Park

This book is about a boy called Kai Masters, and his robotic canine, BC3, called BC for short. They battle beasts together. This story includes characters both good and evil. The best part of the story was when the beast changed into a maxi-beast, and ice and snow attacked Kai and BC.

I would recommend this book for boys ages 5-8. 5 stars.

Review by Andrew of Wellington