Top 10 Children’s comics January 2017

Plants vs Zombies has hit the Top 10!  If you like the comic do you like the game? Get the background on how the suburbs became the battleground for warring zombies and mutant plant life.

Have you discovered a new comic series in the holidays? Let us know your favourites in the comments =)

  1. Pokémon, by Hidenori Kusaka
  2. Big Nate, by Lincoln Peirce
  3. Peanuts series, by Charles M. Schulz
  4. Garfield series, by Mark Evanier, Cedric Michiels and created by Jim Davis
  5. Tintin series, by Hergé
  6. Asterix series, by Goscinny and Udzero
  7. Adventure Time, by Ryan North
  8. Amulet, by Kazu Kibuishi
  9. Plants vs Zombies, by Paul Tobin
  10. The Smurfs anthologies, by Peyo




Ever wondered who’d win in a battle between Percy Jackson and Harry Potter?

How about between the BFG and Owly?

The Year 5&6 kids at Russell Street School in Palmerston North have asked these questions; and they’ve written down what they think could happen if these characters ever met and had to battle it out. You can read all about it here.

The battles are:

Hermione vs Matilda

Zac Powers vs Nancy Drew

Percy Jackson vs Harry Potter

BFG vs Owly

You can vote for your favourite character.  How cool is this?

Kids’ Review by Andrew

Boy vs Beast: Battle of the Borders #7: Isolus By Mac Park

This book is about a boy called Kai Masters, and his robotic canine, BC3, called BC for short. They battle beasts together. This story includes characters both good and evil. The best part of the story was when the beast changed into a maxi-beast, and ice and snow attacked Kai and BC.

I would recommend this book for boys ages 5-8. 5 stars.

Review by Andrew of Wellington