Kids’ Club Review by Nadia: The Very Noisy Night

The Very Noisy Night, by Jane Chapman

little mouse was in his bed room. But he couldn’t get to sleep because all the different noise like sticks. i think it is good for 5-8 and i rate it 3 stars because you can tell what is coming next and i recommend it for 5-8

3 stars

Reviewed by Nadia from Tawa and , 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Aoife: Some birds

Some birdsSome birds, by Matt Spink

I like the funny pictures of birds. The First time I read it I thought it said some birds poo. I really liked the designs on the birds.

4 stars

Reviewed by Aoife from Tawa and , 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Aoife: “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly” said the Sloth

“Slowly, Slowly, Slowly” said the Sloth, by Eric Carle

I thought the pictures of the sloth on the front was really really funny. He has his mouth open and it’s like he going huh? It was pretty surprising when the sloth did something and the animals wanted to get him they couldn’t.

4 stars

Reviewed by Aoife from Tawa and , 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Talamahina: The hound of the Baskervilles

The hound of the Baskervilles, by Ian edginton

This book is a great read. The mystery murder story is about a giant hound said to haunt the Baskerville Family Hugo Baskerville got killed by the beast now Holmes and Watson need to find an escaped convict, save Sir Henry Baskerville and find out who is behind all these murders and the real criminal. this book is sure a gripping read you dig your fingernails into! (Which mind you isn’very helpful!) So join the adventure in search of the Hound of the Baskervilles! Don! Don! Don!

4 stars

Reviewed by Talamahina from Tawa and , 9 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Aoife: Please Mr Panda

Please Mr PandaPlease Mr Panda, by Steve Antony

The part where he asks the ostrich but the ostrich says no, go away is funny. This is funny because most of the people wanted a doughnut. The part where he asks a whale is funny because the whale asks for all the doughnut s and some more.

4 stars

Reviewed by Aoife from Tawa and , 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Tulip: Ride for your life

Geronimo Stilton, Creepella Von Cacklefur: Ride for your life, by Elisabetta Dami

This book is great! I loved this book because in was very hooking all the way throughout. The illustrations are great. I recommend this book to anybody who is into FANTASY and into SPOOKY stuff. It is not that spooky (Or is it)?
You will only find out if you read this fantastic book.
(believe me, it is better than it sounds!)

5 stars

Reviewed by Tulip from Newtown and , 11 years old