Kids’ Club Review by Alex: Good night stories for rebel girls

Good night stories for rebel girls, by Elena Favilli

This book is packed with 1 page stories about girls who have all done amazing things in their lives. For example, Manal Al-Shariff was the first woman to drive in Saudi Arabia. She was jailed twice, but kept encouraging other women in her country to just get out and drive. “If men can drive, why can’t women?”.
I recommend this book for every girl and woman I know. I loved it – it was very inspiring.

5 stars

Reviewed by Alex from Khandallah and Khandallah School , 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Sebastian: Grandad’s guitar

Grandad's guitarGrandad’s guitar, by Janine McVeagh (1946-)

This was the best book I ever read, when grandpa died he gave his guitar to Kahu. Kahu learnt lots of songs, one about a donkey. It is based on a real story. I liked this book because it made me feel happy.

5 stars

Reviewed by Sebastian from Johnsonville and West Park School , 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Lucas: Demon dentist

Demon dentistDemon dentist, by David Walliams (1971-)

This book is so funny, the made up words, MAN! The Dentist is so evil, it is very gross though Alfie has not been to the dentist for 6 years! Eww! My favourite part was when the girl who had not talked for a whole term of being at school said “COME ON, GIVE THE OLD FART A BREAK!” To everyone for the Principal. David Walliams is favourite author, can’t wait till his newest one!

5 stars

Reviewed by Lucas from Miramar and Seatoun School , 11 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Caitlin: The fish of Maui

The fish of MauiThe fish of Maui, by Peter Gossage (1946-)

I think Maui is a real trickster. I like it when Maui pops out and scares his brothers. I would recommend it to people from another country wanting to learn more about Maori traditions.

2 stars

Reviewed by Caitlin from Cummings Park and Ngaio School , 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Zahra: On angel wings

On angel wingsOn angel wings, by Michael Morpurgo

This book is about a boy and he is going to see a baby. He is a shepherd and there’s an Angel called Gabriel. She tells his family that there is a baby born in Bethlehem and other angels come around singing.

I liked the book. My favourite characters were Gabriel and Mary. The pictures had some good details and the angels were pretty. The story was kind of funny. It reminded me of my school nativity play. And it also reminded me of stories from the Bible.

I learnt that some angels can be real.

If I could give this book another title it would be Going to Bethlehem. If I could give this book another ending it would be that the boy could babysit baby Jesus.

I recommend this book to children at primary school and grown-ups because they will find it interesting.

5 stars

Reviewed by Zahra from Karori and Samuel Marsden Collegiate School , 7 years old