Kids’ Club Review by Zahra: Pony school showdown

Pony school showdownPony school showdown, by Meredith Costain (1955-)

This story is about Ella who wants to have a pony. But her mum and dad wouldn’t let her have one. One day she could go to pony school. Some mean girls got the pony she wanted. She got a pony called Patches. Ella wrote in her diary about pony school.

I love this book because I’ve always wanted to have a pony. My favourite part was when Ella went to pony school and was talking about pony school.

My favourite characters were Zoe and her horse and Blondie and her horse and Zoe. I didn’t like the mean girls

It was funny because one mean girl fell in the mud and the other mean girl went flying around pony school and fell into the mud.

It is similar to My little pony stories

I learnt that you can tame your pony a lot and it is yours forever. If you are mean to ponies they go crazy and you might fall off.

I like the pictures because it looks like someone drew in the book. The book made me want to write and draw in my own diary.

I recommend this book to girls who want to ride ponies.

PS I want to have a pony too.

5 stars

Reviewed by Zahra from Karori and Samuel Marsden Collegiate School , 6 years old

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