Kids’ Club Review by Tra An: Princess Cora and the crocodile

Princess Cora and the crocodile, by Laura Amy Schlitz


Princess Cora: I like her the best because she’s brave and hopeful.
Queen: Smart and bossy
King: Athletical
Nanny: she likes everything to be neat and is also bossy.
Crocodile: Playful and not good at sport.

Plot: Princess Cora didn’t like having 3 barth per day reading law books and skip. oNE DAY she wanted a dog but her parents & nanny didn’t let her have one. She asked her fairy godmother but instead got a crocodile. Princess Cora wanted a day of so the crocodile pretended to be her, and princess got to do whatever she wanted to do. Everything went terrible and princess cora had to explain. Then she said she didn’t want to go back to her old life, and after she confessed that she only wanted 2 barth per day sometimes read nonfiction or fiction and skip now and then.

My opinion: I think this book is fun to read exciting adventures and cool. This book describe the Characters really well.

I would Recommend this book to: 7 year olds or older and people who like princess or crocodiles.

5 stars

Reviewed by Tra An from Johnsonville , 9 years old

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