Kids’ Club Review by Stella: Fing

FingFing, David Walliams ; illustrated by Tony Ross

This was a very funny book. I really like how there was a very dramatic ending. Fing is about a very meek married couple, Mr. Meek and Mrs. Meek. They had a daughter named Myrtle, who was an absolute horror! She demanded lots and lots of things, and her meek parents didn’t refuse. She had something for each letter of the alphabet! On her tenth birthday, she demanded a ‘fing’. When Myrtle was at school (poor teachers! And students. And principle!) the Meeks went to their place of work, the library! They searched and searched, but, with no luck, went down to the secret vault. They found out that the Fing was a monster! Mr Meek went on an expedition to find one. And I’m going to let you find out what happened from there…

4 stars

Reviewed by Stella from Karori and Karori West Normal School , 10 years old

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