Kids’ Club Review by Rion: The Nature of Ash

The Nature of Ash, by Mandy Hager (Teen novel)

Ashley ‘Ash’ McCarthy thinks he has it made: away from home and all its claustrophobic responsibilities, revelling in the freedom of student hostel life. But life takes a devastating turn when two cops knock on his door with news that puts him on the run, trying to protect his Downs syndrome younger brother and total strangers Travis and Jiao, and prevent civilisation itself from imploding as the world’s two greatest superpowers collide in a struggle that leaves New Zealand playing a deadly game of piggy in the middle.

With The Nature Of Ash, Mandy Hager has crafted a fragile future world where corrupt politics, lies and deception rule and the uneasy peace could shatter at any moment. All it takes is one person’s actions and the world could change…

5 stars

Reviewed by Rion from Cummings Park, 11 years old

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