Kids’ Club Review by Raya: Where’s the elephant?

Where's the elephant?Where’s the elephant?, by Barroux

Our forests and wildlife are quickly disappearing, due to habitat loss and basically . . . us. Humans. (And that is VERY bad. I am ashamed of us humans!). This book shows it a lot.

You get to find the elephant, snake and parrot on every page. At first they have a giant forest all to themselves and are quite hard to find. But slowly deforestation kicks in and their habitat gets smaller and smaller. When their giant forest finally disappears into a giant city, they are left standing on the last bit of fresh grass and earth ground, and then dumped in a zoo.

Luckily, they escape and find their very own island to start again.

If only all animals were so smart! To find their own island just for them. I read this book to my little sister and she was very understanding (well, once I explained it to her). We need to make the best effort we can to save our wildlife – before it’s too late. This colourful book emphasises that point, and I am thankful that everyone who reads this will hopefully have the same thoughts as me.

P.S. This book has no pictures. 🙂

4 stars

Reviewed by Raya from Cummings Park and Raroa Normal Intermediate , 11 years old

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