Kids’ Club Review by Raya: Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats

Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats, by Francesca Simon

This book is perfect for Horrid Henry lovers – like me! Horrid Henry is the king of tricks, especially tricky tricks! In this collection of 10 (!) Horrid Henry stories, Horrid Henry gets up to all sorts of mischief! I really like Horrid Henry’s Autobiography, one of the books in this 10-in-1, when Horrid Henry and his class write short autobiographies for the local newspaper. However, Moody Margaret (Henry’s top enemy) writes all these lies about him and the Purple Hand Gang (Henry’s club) so Henry substitutes her autobiography for one that says how sad and boring she is.

But, when Horrid Henry opens his newspaper to check for his autobiography, he finds Moody Margaret has substituted HIS story for ANOTHER pack of lies that SHE wrote!

5 stars

Reviewed by Raya from Cummings Park and Raroa Normal Intermediate , 11 years old

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