Kids’ Club Review by Meredith: How to bee

How to beeHow to bee, Bren MacDibble

I really loved this book. It is about a girl called Peony who really wants to be a bee. It is in the future and all the bees are extinct, so they have to use people. Peony lives in a shed on the farm run by the Foreman. Peony’s mother works in the city and wants Peony to come with her. One day Peony is taken to the city. Can she escape?

In the first 2 chapters I had trouble understanding how she talks and some bits were a bit scary.
I would advise 9+to anyone who wants to read it. Peony is a brave character and in reading the book she makes you feel braver.

The book is a mix of Adventure, Love and Friendship.

5 stars

Reviewed by Meredith from Central City and St Mark’s Church School , 9 years old

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  1. Stephen Clothier 5 January, 2019 / 12:45 pm

    What a great review, Meredith — I can tell you’ve really been thinking about this book, what it means, and how it makes you feel. Well done!
    – Stephen

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