Kids’ Club Review by Luis: Norman’s Farty Armpit

Norman’s Farty Armpit, by Frank Newman

Norman lives in Normalsville. His Mum, Dad, sister, chicken and cat know.s how to make music but he doesnt. Suddenly his toes started to tingle then his knees started to jingle his fingers started to twitch. He started to burt and burrrrttttt…burrrttt…burrrttt…burrrrrtttttt…burrrrrrrrtttttt…burrrrrrttttttt. He started to make fart noise with his armpit he now was the most famous person until he was going to show everybody his fart then it did not work. Even though his whole family knows how to make music its ok for him because life is normal. My favorite part is when he keeps on burting because it sounds funny.

5 stars

Reviewed by Luis from Tawa, 8 years old

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