Kids’ Club Review by liam: The 39 storey treehouse

The 39 storey treehouse, by andy griffiths

this is my favorite of the series so far, heres what its about. it starts off with the stuff they’ve added to the tree house like every other one in the series, after that terry made a machine that writes book for them but the machine takes over the tree house. they set off on a mission to find professor stupido who can uninvent stuff. terry and andy want him to uninvent the machine and save the tree house. this book is great and suitable for kids 7-10 years old. there was a lot of action and the characters are very real. its written very well and made me laugh a lot. my favorite character was terry because he’s more funny and stupid.any gender can read it my sister loves it as well. the best bit was when prof. stupido uninvented the universe. thats the end of my review.

4 stars

Reviewed by liam from Karori and Karori Normal School , 10 years old

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