Kids’ Club Review by Kate: Horrid Henry: tricks and treats

Horrid Henry :             tricks and treatsHorrid Henry : tricks and treats, by Francesca Simon

This is a great book because Horrid Henry wasn’t allowed to go trick or treating and so he took other people’s sweets when they came to his house to trick or treat. He filled his bag with them, then when Peter and Mum came home, he screamed and ran upstairs as fast as his legs would carry him. He safely hid his bag of sweets under his bed. When he came back down, Peter said: “Don’t worry Henry, it’s only me”. Henry said: “Oh, I didn’t know”.

I liked the alliteration , for example “Moody Margaret” and “Horrid Henry” . I also liked the rhyming. For example, “Linda” and “Gurinder”. I like the font changing – sometimes it was a scary font, sometimes bold. The metaphors were awesome. For example, “He was Medusa, coiling round her victim with her snaky hair.”

I would recommend it to anyone who likes weird stuff.

4 stars

Reviewed by Kate from Kilbirnie and Roseneath School , 8 years old

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