Kids’ Club Review by Jeya: The 39 Clues Website

The 39 Clues Website

This is a website, just sayin
This is one of my favorite book websites!
It has everything you wanna now about the latest books (and books that have been there for ages) and you can also play missions but some of them you cant until you unlock them! So start playing to unlock more!!!
You can also look at stuff about the authors and find out what book is coming out. If you want to you can create and an agent card. There is also some things to keep track of which 39 clues cards you have! You can choose if you want to learn about things from the first series or about things from the second series. On the first series and second series they are basically the same thing but different information. If i were YOU then i would go visit The 39 Clues Website right now!

I would recemend this Website for all ages 5+

5 stars

Reviewed by Jeya from Miramar, 10 years old

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  1. Isabelle 20 October, 2012 / 1:35 pm

    cool.I’ll check it out today!

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