Kids’ Club Review by Isla: Herobrine scared stiff

Herobrine scared stiffHerobrine scared stiff, Zack Zombie

In the book it is Halloween and Lucy has a party. But while they are trick or treating, Herobrine loses Lucy and wonders around and finds a house. a Wizard boy holding a wand and saying a magic word, and it in front of him was a Minecraft Porto, and outcome minecart zombies, slimes and other Minecraft things. Then Herobrine thinks they are real. Then he just wonders off again and finds Lucy. Then it’s time for her Halloween party. the Wizard boy gets invited and other people , Herobrine wants to save the world from all the creepers in Minecraft zombies and slimes, will he be able to?

5 stars

Reviewed by Isla from Karori and Karori West Normal School , 7 years old

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