Kids’ Club Review by Emma Fisk: The day the crayons quit

The day the crayons quitThe day the crayons quit, by Drew Daywalt

Duncan’s crayons surprised him by writing him letters. The red crayon complained that he did most of the colouring. The beige crayon was unhappy at being called light brown and wanted more things to colour. The white crayon wanted to be seen instead of fading into the background. The yellow and orange crayons were fighting to be the colour used for the sun. The blue crayon told Duncan they were used so much they could no longer see over the top of the box! Read this book to find out what Duncan does to cheer up his crayons.
This is my favourite book, it is clever and funny!

5 stars

Reviewed by Emma Fisk from Johnsonville, 5 years old

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