Kids’ Club Review by Elias: The Planet of Peril

The Planet of Peril, by Steve Cole

The astrosaurs are going to arx’s home planet to solve a monster mystery of some sort of saber tooth giraffes which turn out to be real giraffes.
Then they find out that some wooly mammoth builders are behind all of it they blow up perils moon and replace it with a giant wrecking ball to destroy peril and get the very rare sludge inside the planet to help them build stuff, because the sludge is a builders dream because it drys really fast and it drys really hard it can break through solid rock so the astrosaurs have to solve a mystery and stop evil mammoth builders all in one mission.;):):):):):):):):):)

5 stars

Reviewed by Elias from Kilbirnie, 8 years old

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