Kids’ Club Review by Dante: Horrid Henry

Horrid HenryHorrid Henry, by Francesca Simon

Henry has a lot of attitude. But when Henry tries to be good his brother, Peter, can’t stand it. There are lots of funny parts in the story.

My favourite character is Henry because he does lots of silly things, like splashing people with his water gun. Another funny thing is that Henry does is be silly with the vacuum cleaner and sucks up everyone’s clothes.

I dislike Margaret because she is very moody and not nice. She never lets the boys get the good stuff too.

I learnt that having a bad attitude is a bad thing and no one likes a bad attitude.

I think everyone should read Horrid Henry books because they might like them as much as I did. I rate it four stars!

4 stars

Reviewed by Dante from Newtown and , 7 years old

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