Kids’ Club Review by Aryan: Puzzle pirates

Puzzle piratesPuzzle pirates, by Susannah Leigh

it’s about a pirate called Joe who sets out on a tresure hunt with his uncle Buccaneer Bill and his crew to deadly Isle.When they get there Bill’s enemy Captain Cuttroat was already there.Then Joe came up with a plan.They would take Cuttroat’s ship and set sail to the ocean and leave the ship there. They took the tresure but got into a trap Cuttroat’s pirates had set an ambush but the marmaids they saved on the way sang a magical tune and Cuttroat and Cuttroat’s pirates fell asleep but the good pirates didn’t because the marmaids brother told them to ware shell headphones.In the tresure was a golden cuttlass the marmaids and they’re brother was onboard too.One marmaid said three cheers for pirate Joe.Cottroat and his pirates were stuck on deadly isle since thier ship was far out in sea.

4 stars

Reviewed by Aryan from Central City and Thorndon School , 7 years old

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